Mental Health Good News

Stories About People and Organizations Making a Difference for Mental Health — and Fighting the Stigma Around Mental Health

An illustration of a person showing kindness on World Kindness Day

9 Ways to Celebrate World Kindness Day (2022)

World Kindness Day — which takes place every year on November 13 — is a great opportunity to deepen our relationship with kindness and connect with one another in new and exciting ways. 
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Gifts that give back to the LGBTQ+ community, mental health organizations, and various nonprofits

The Ultimate Guide To Gifts That Give Back (2022)

Find the perfect gifts to show your love and appreciation for the special people in your life, all while making a difference for causes they believe in.
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Photo collage of two women standing in front of supplies, a seal, a woman and a man posing next to each other, a coin, and a field of flowers

Shower Buses, Seals, & Notable Women - Good News This Week: October 22nd 2022

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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Hope Quote Graphic: What I am trying to cultivate is not blind optimism… but radical hope. — Junot Diaz

46 Best Hope Quotes To Encourage & Inspire You

All of the best quotes about hope... to help you feel more hopeful... and maybe fill the world with a bit more hopefulness too.
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Socks that give back from Parks Project, Awesome Socks Club, and Conscious Step

13 Socks That Give Back & Donate To Charity (2022)

We’ve curated the ultimate list of sock companies that are making it easier for us to elevate our sock game while supporting the causes we care most about...
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Three superimposed images of a farm with cows in the background, four phone cords, and illustrated dragonflies

A New Mental Health Hotline for Farmers & Ranchers

Wyoming is one of five states piloting a resource for agricultural producers.
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National Park Quote Graphic: One of the great things about national parks is they belong to everybody. — Barack Obama

84 Best National Park Quotes For Your Next Adventure (2022)

we’ve curated the best quotes about national parks from conservationists, adventurers, presidents, park rangers, and even Leslie Knope. We hope that as you explore these quotes, you feel energized to explore another national park!
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Mental Health

5 Things To Know For OCD Awareness Week (2022)

We’ve often seen OCD portrayed or referenced in entertainment — but unfortunately these limited depictions actually stigmatize those who have OCD. Fortunately, we each have the ability to better understand what OCD is (and isn’t) and learn how to be better allies.
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Green Mental Health Calendar

Ultimate Calendar of Mental Health Awareness Days (2022)

Your simple guide to the dozens of national and international mental health awareness days, weeks, and months.
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Stunning view of Zion National Park

2023 Calendar of Free National Park Days

The five fee-free days of 2023 — plus more ways to score free or discounted passes at U.S. National Parks
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