Mental Health Good News

Stories about people and organizations making a difference for mental health — and fighting the stigma around mental health

A row of violinists play their instruments

This Carnegie Hall concert series is designed specifically for attendees' mental health

With an emphasis on mindfulness and human connection, New York’s legendary theater is using culture to cultivate well-being.
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Renee Rapp laying on a bed, singing, in her "Snow Angel" music video

Reneé Rapp's song about sexual assault has inspired fans to come forward — 'This happened to me.'

In a new interview, Rapp opened up about how one of her biggest songs off of her latest album is bringing her closer to fans.
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A screenshot of a TikTok by @justflintisfine, as well as the cover of the 2022 U.S. Transgender Survey

TikTok creator reacts to new study on transgender joy amid hardship: 'We're out there alive and happy'

The National Center for Transgender Equality surveyed 92,000 trans individuals and their study shows that 94% of respondents are happier than ever post-transition.
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A person sitting in a bench and reading a newspaper

New study finds stories of kindness may counteract the negative impact of reading bad news

A recent study has found that looking at positive news stories — specifically, videos and articles featuring acts of kindness — can actually counteract the ill-effects of seeing negative news stories.‍
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An illustration of two hands opening up to depict generosity and kindness

14 Ideas To Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day

February 17 is National Random Acts of Kindness Day! Here's a guide with ideas for how to celebrate the holiday and instill kindness in your community year-round.
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A crowd of people looks on in awe during the M3F Music Festival

Meet M3F, the Phoenix music festival that donates 100% of its profits to charity

Since 2004, the M3F Music Festival has donated over $4 million to local Phoenix charities, all while bringing music lovers together.
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Illustrations of a newspaper, two people hugging, two fingers holding up a peace sign, smiley face, and a rainbow.

8 scientifically proven benefits of reading good news

Incorporating good news into your media consumption leads to a more well-rounded and optimistic perspective with numerous benefits.
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Two speech bubbles. One reads "I believe in you." The other says "I'm here to help."

New study finds the best things to say when offering someone support (and what to avoid)

Phrases like "I'm proud of you," "You've got this," and "I believe in you" can make a huge impact, according to survey participants.
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Assorted fruits and vegetables, some cut into heart shapes, with a cotton candy graphic and a heart-shaped illustration filled with various foods, against a pastel background with scattered hearts.

Eating with empathy: How to include everyone at mealtime

No matter your relationship to food, we all deserve a more holistic and inclusive approach to how we dine.
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Stylized vector illustration of a group of people in profile with abstract features, standing side by side in varied colors against a background of swirling patterns and celestial motifs. The illustration represents celebrities with learning disabilities like dyslexia.

Ultimate List: 29 Famous People with Dyslexia

Facing unique learning struggles does not mean an individual is incapable of achieving great things. In fact, many of the world's most famous actors, musicians, and athletes have lived and thrived while learning differently.
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3 Helpful Ideas For a New Mom Care Package: Soothing Wipes, Nipple Balm & A Breastfeeding-Friendly Loungewear

24 Helpful Ideas for a New Mom Care Package

A thoughtful care package for new moms can help provide meaningful support during a challenging postpartum period.
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