Positive Words

Lists of positive, kind, and nice words — curated by Good Good Good

Two speech bubbles. One reads "I believe in you." The other says "I'm here to help."

New study finds the best things to say when offering someone support (and what to avoid)

Phrases like "I'm proud of you," "You've got this," and "I believe in you" can make a huge impact, according to survey participants.
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An illustration of a variety of vegetables laid out on a table

List of Vegetables: 701 Veggie Names Around the World 🥕🌽

We’ve all heard of arugula, broccoli, and zucchini — but what about kohlrabi, romanesco, and salsify? Take a bite out of the ultimate list of vegetables...
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A gradient of colors representing positive character traits

Good Qualities in a Person: 150+ Positive Character Traits

We’ve curated the most comprehensive list of positive character traits on the internet. From Adventurous to Zealous, this guide serves as a testament to the multifaceted dimensions of character that make us uniquely human.
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Colorful gradient waves representing positive and negative personality traits

List of Personality Traits: 781+ Positive & Negative Examples

Personality traits guide how we interact with others, perceive the world, and make decisions in our daily lives.
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A colorful wheel (Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions) containing different emotions (listed in this list) with variations (based on intensity) of each emotion

List of Emotions: 544+ Words That Express Feelings (+ PDF)

We’ve worked to create a helpful guide to emotions — so each of us can explore our feelings and identify them with precision and specificity. 
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Illustration of several diverse fruits all grouped together

List of Fruits: 712 Fruits Names from Around the World 🍇🥝🍌

Sure, we’ve all heard of apples, bananas, and blackberries — but what about cascara, pluots, and persimmons? Take a bite out of the ultimate list of fruits...
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Colorful gradient representing positive mood words and negative mood words

List of Mood Words: 400+ Words To Describe Moods

Your go-to resource for hundreds of words to help you accurately describe the right mood.
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Word of the Year Ideas

222 Word of the Month Ideas for an Inspiring 2024

A word of the month is a flexible approach to resolutions that offers you a different guiding light for each month — a touchstone to return to when the hustle of life threatens to derail your focus from your objectives or principles.
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Word of the Year Ideas

244 Word of the Year Ideas for a Better 2024

A word of the year is a single word you choose that can guide you through your year and be a north star to come back to when you might feel like you’re faltering from your goals or values.
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Letter A and Letter Z on a colorful background

The Ultimate List of 500+ Positive Words — A-Z

We’ve compiled the best positive words that start with each letter of the alphabet — from A to Z — in this simple and easy-to-scroll guide.
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Illustration of a person speaking positive words about someone

465+ Positive Words To Describe Someone

We’ve compiled the ultimate guide to positive words to describe someone — organized in an easy-to-scroll alphabetical list.
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The letter H

329 Positive Words That Start with H

If you’re looking for positive words that start with the letter H, we’re here to help.
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