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A hand planting a seed in the dirt, a screenshot of the Ecosia home page, and a tree nursery

Sustainability-centric search engine Ecosia reaches milestone of 200 million trees planted

The company tracks its projects in a detailed portfolio and has expanded its initiatives to include renewable energy production, regenerative agriculture, and more.
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Screenshots of a TikTok of Boston Mayor Michelle Wu, wearing a black coat and a beanie, speaking to a community member named Becky

Mayor of Boston commutes with residents to learn how to improve public transit

Michelle Wu, the first woman and person of color Mayor in Boston, has a history of advocating for transportation improvements. Her new TikTok series does just that.
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A photo collage of a man riding a lawnmower, a man holding up seaweed, a screenshot of one of Collective Fashion Justice's content, a group photo of the Vegan Hacktivists, and a man pouring soup into a bowl

Good News This Week: January 27, 2024 - Farms, Food, & Seaweed

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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A child lays in a hospital bed playing video games; a Gamers Outreach Go Kart mobile gaming device; a boy rejoices while playing video games in a hospital room

Meet the innovative nonprofit that brings video games to children in hospitals

Nonprofit Gamers Outreach makes it easier for hospitalized children to play their favorite games and maintain a sense of normalcy.
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The Vegan Hacktivists logo

Coding with compassion: These vegan tech volunteers work to end animal exploitation

A global volunteer-based group of tech experts creates free projects, such as Vegan Bootcamp and an Animal Rights Map, aiming to inspire and support advocates for animals.
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An item of clothing in green seaweed packaging; a person in a teal bikini holding a bundle of seaweed on the beach, a roll of green seaweed film

This California startup is replacing plastic bags with seaweed-based packaging

In an effort to combat the plastic waste crisis, biotech startup Sway has created a seaweed-based alternative to plastic packaging.
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A Revel driver charges his electric vehicle; a blue Revel car drives through the streets of New York; a Superhub charging station in NYC

All-electric rideshare in NYC surpasses 2 million rides

The company operates a fleet of over 500 electric vehicles and is actively involved in building public fast charging infrastructure in New York, aligning with the Green Rides Initiative to electrify New York's rideshare industry by 2030.
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An illustration of two hands reaching for each other against a blue background adorned with flowers

Here Are 16 Good News Stories To Give You Hope in 2024

There are numerous good news stories in 2024 that offer hope and highlight positive progress in the world. Here are just a few!
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Screenshots of a TikTok video by Alesia Mora, in which she shows how to read laundry symbols on clothing tags

TikTok Creator Discovers Helpful iPhone Hack for Taking Care of Your Clothes

TikTok Creator Aleisa Mora posted a helpful tutorial on how a built-in iPhone feature can translate laundry symbols and help you take care of your clothes.
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A photo collage of a close-up of a shirt, leaves inside a net, two parrots up close, a 'Proud Blood Donor' sign, and two butterflies on a plant

Good News This Week: January 6, 2024 - Bikes, Birds, & Butterflies

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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Nine non-Audible audiobook apps in a folder:, Scribd, Chirp, Libby, Speechify, LibriVox, Audiobooks, Hoopla, Apple Books

16 Alternatives To Audible for Ethical Audiobook Lovers

While it’s convenient to be able to access audiobooks through a monthly subscription, Audible is actually harmful to the industry at large. Fortunately, we have great recommendations for non-Amazon alternatives.
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A photo collage of a a G4 building, a girl raising her hand, senior citizens seated on chairs, a school building & school bus, and a flatlay image of the Goodnewspaper

Good News This Week: December 23, 2023 - Art, Manatees, & Marine Conservation

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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