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Crowd gives standing ovation at TED conference

5 Activists Who Received Standing Ovations at TED2023

Witness the power of the human spirit as we reveal the five TED Talks from 2023’s conference that moved an audience to their feet! Don't miss these life-changing stories. 🎤
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The stage design at TED 2023, with the theme 'Possibilities'

10 Best Good News Stories from 2023's TED Conference

As the world’s most creative minds convened to talk about ideas that are far-out and far-reaching, TED maintains its foundation in finding the good — in making more room for possibility.
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A white woman in a blue shirt and black cardigan points to a screen with a diagram of a brain

Amy Baxter Is Helping Us Redefine — And Cope With — Pain

Amy Baxter is a pain pioneer, who is urging doctors, patients, and everyone in between to change how we think about pain.
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A man stands in front of a large screen displaying yellow solar panels.

Scientists Invent Solar Panels That Provide Wireless Energy From Space

Ali Hajimiri, of the Space Solar Power Project, spoke at TED2023 about the possibility of using solar power to provide wireless energy from space.
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A Black man in a white shirt speaks on stage in front of a large screen

Artist Creates 'Encyclopedia of Invisibility' To Tell Lost Stories

Conceptual artist Tavares Strachan is passionate about telling "lost stories." At TED2023, he shared his "Encyclopedia of Invisibility," with over 17,000 entries of people, places, and things untold.
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A white man with brown curly hair and glasses holds up three fingers as he speaks on the TED stage. Behind him are two large monitors.

TED2023 Kicks Off with Good News

TED2023’s theme is ‘Possibility,’ and the conference began with a celebration of good news from around the globe.
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TED logo and a large Earth at TED conference

Meet the TED 2023 'Audacious Project' Cohort: Doing Good With $1B in Grants

The Audacious Project is a collaborative funding enterprise housed at TED. Meet the 2023 cohort of grant recipients who are changing the world.
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Add Tab for a Cause to Chrome: Support the LGBTQ+ community every day Every tab opened raises money for nonprofit organizations working toward supporting the LGBTQ+ community and providing gender-affirming care.

You Can Support the LGBTQ+ Community Just By Opening a New Tab

Turn your browsing habits into positive change with Tab for LGBTQ+, a browser extension that donates to LGBTQ+ organizations every time you open a new tab.
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A photo collage of a plant-based house, Pattie Gonia, a girl with 3D Toy Shop Teddy Hospital flyers, a side view of a man, and a group of women at a brewery

Good News This Week: Mushrooms, Beer, & Free Haircuts - April 15 2023

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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A photo collage of a Daniel Radcliffe, a crowd in front of the Tennessee State Capitol building, a food forest, Keith Lee, and two women

Good News This Week - Cheetahs, TikTok, & Food Forests - April 8 2023

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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