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A person charging their electric vehicle

The essential guide to picking the best EV charging app: 'Say goodbye to range anxiety'

Sure, most EVs have their own built-in charging apps — but it's important to have a solid backup to assuage potential range anxiety from an inconsistent charging infrastructure.
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Blue Bird electric school bus

Breakthrough union contract for electric school bus workers promises better lives and cleaner air

For nearly a century, a substantial portion of America’s iconic yellow school buses have been manufactured at a factory in Fort Valley, a town of 9,000 people surrounded by peach and pecan orchards in central Georgia.
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A photo collage of a fisherman, vegetables, a Feel Good Fridge from Whirlpool, a chart about blood types, and solar panels

These are the best positive news stories you missed this week: June 15 Edition

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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A 3D-printed recyclable house

Tour the eco house of the future: Affordable, 3D-printed, and fully recyclable

These first-of-their-kind homes could solve the global housing crisis — and upend the construction industry through sustainability.
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A large Colorado expanse, showing a view of a mountain range dotted by evergreen trees

These state parks now offer blind visitors an app to help them safely explore on their own

One state will now offer free access to an accessibility app called Aira, helping blind and low vision state park visitors enjoy their adventures.
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A blond woman reaches into an open refrigerator

What happens when you return a fridge? For one company, it becomes a donation to a food bank

This appliance company has partnered with two other companies to supply Feeding America food banks with like-new refrigerators and fresh food.
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Damaged trees after a hurricane

Ahead of this year's record-breaking hurricane season, a group of climate scientists helps Caribbean families protect their homes

Preparing for Atlantic hurricane season is always a priority in the Caribbean, especially when forecasts project high numbers of storms, as they do for 2024.
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A map of the world from Global Fishing Watch that denotes vessels like fish farms, oil rigs, wind farms, and more.

Google announces AI oceans project to track, mitigate human harm at sea

A new AI map announced by Google and Global Fishing Watch aims to bring transparency to human activity at sea.
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Three pictures, from left to right: a drawing of geothermal pipes beneath two houses, a suburban street, a green banner that reads "first-in-the-nation."

These families feel like they 'won the lottery' after their neighborhood was picked for first-ever geothermal heating & cooling network

An energy provider's new project will provide cheap, eco-friendly heating and cooling for an entire neighborhood. And this first-of-its-kind network hopes to inspire more opportunities for other lucky homeowners and renters.
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Kia EV9 at the beach

These are the 5 best hybrids & electric vehicles of 2024, according to Edmunds

These are picks of the best cars, trucks, and SUVs of 2024, according to Edmunds’ independent review. And the good news is that they’re all more eco-friendly than their gas-powered competitors.
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A worker in a factory stands next to a large, suspended, cylindrical metal container with pipes and attachments, operating machinery in an industrial environment. The background shows a row of similar machinery and overhead lights.

Innovative aluminum plant to reduce CO2 by 75% and double US production, after federal funding

Aluminum is a crucial raw ingredient in the fight against climate change. But to ensure the transition off fossil fuels is a clean one, the industry needs a serious makeover. A new federally funded “green smelter” could help make that happen.
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A neon yellow ambulance overlooks a sea view in England

Innovative 'sign language ambulance' service aims to save more lives in emergencies, reduce barriers

The implementation of this technology will make emergency services more accessible for Deaf and hard of hearing patients.
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