Good News for Veterans

Celebrating good being done for veterans and by veterans

Good News: How One Veteran Is Using Art To Save Lives

Coming home from war, Richard Casper struggled with depression and suicidal ideation, but he found the healing power of art and music.
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Afghan New Yorkers Spring Into Action as Humanitarian Crisis Grows

The shock of the chaos in Kabul has Afghans in New York mobilizing to help their families back home and any compatriots who may soon find themselves in the city. A 24-year-old volunteer has been busy furiously fielding messages asking: “How can we help?”
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Veteran Homelessness Has Decreased By Nearly 50 Percent Between 2009 and 2018

Certain communities are seeing veteran homelessness become a thing of the past entirely. The entire states of Connecticut, Delaware, Minnesota, and Virginia have effectively ended homelessness among veterans.
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Forget No One: U.S. Cities Are Using Real-Time Data to End Homelessness

Fourteen communities working with the Built for Zero program have reached the point where homelessness for veterans or those experiencing chronic homelessness is rare overall, and brief when it occurs.
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These Combat Diving Veterans Are Now Using Their Skills To Restore Ocean Health

For veterans of combat diving, life after the military can lack a sense of purpose. Now a nonprofit called Force Blue is giving veterans a new mission.
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