Ashley LeMieux — Holding Sorrow and Joy in the Same Hand


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Ashley LeMieux's Story - Podcast

The Shine Project began when Ashley Lemieux’s heart was taken by the inner-city youth of Phoenix, AZ. What began as a small project has now resulted in over 40 scholarships being given to help kids go to college since 2011. Ashley’s life’s work has been a testament to the love she pours out amidst a story that has been embedded with so much pain.

In this heartfelt conversation, Ashley shares about how a call one Sunday morning asking both she and her husband to become permanent guardians to two kids overnight changed their lives forever — and how it took a dark turn 3 years later with a letter from the court in the mail.

This is the first time she publicly shares her story.

No matter what side of the pain you are on, just keep going. I live with the hope that someday it will all be worth it. And that’s my biggest hope in my life — that we will see our children again someday.
— Ashley LeMieux

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