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Most notably recognized as the most popular figure from ABC’s The Bachelor, Ben Higgins is someone who is currently leveraging his platform of fame for good. Currently known for hosting iHeart Radio’s pop culture podcast, Almost Famous, nothing could have adequately prepared Ben for how appearing on one of the highest grossing television shows would ultimately pave the way for him to accomplish his humanitarian dreams.

Today, Ben is the CEO and founder of Generous, a ‘for-purpose’ business that aims to use profits to fund operational expenses of nonprofits doing sustainable, life-changing work around the world. Ben also sits on the board of Humanity and Hoped United — a nonprofit working to assist underserved villages in Honduras through creating jobs, access to education, clean water, and health care.

In this conversation, Branden and Ben unpack what it means to lead a life of purpose and generosity, the importance of getting angry about injustice, the burden of fame, humanitarian work, and living into the meaningful questions that inevitably come with faith.


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If there’s something out there making you angry, then go fight it. Go fight that injustice in the most loving, the most healthy, the most service-filled way. Lay your own priorities down at the feet of this injustice.
— Ben Higgins

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