Benjamin Von Wong — Using Art to Make People Care


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Benjamin Von Wong never set out to be a photographer, and he became one almost by accident. Nevertheless, in the space of the past 5 years since he quit his day job as a mining engineer, he’s earned a worldwide reputation as a brilliantly original photographic artist, and was even named one of four winners of this year’s Imaging Alliance award for Visionary Photographers.

Benjamin now creates fantastical visual worlds through photography, virally promoting worthy causes, then posts them on his website so people can experience the creative process in a visceral way. Something he’s known for is creating work that looks hyper-realistic and photoshopped, but it’s based on capturing images of what is actually in front of his camera.

In this conversation, Branden and Benjamin dive deep into the importance of using your curiosity  to make a positive impact in this world — and figuring out how to do that in a creative way that makes people care.


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If you get bored of what you do, you lose everything. Your passion for your craft is your greatest weapon.
— Benjamin Von Wong

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