Grace Bonney — Building Communities with Curiosity


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Founder of Design Sponge, Grace Bonney, believes that curiosity allows you to find deeper meaning inside whatever community you’ve found yourself in. This belief has altered her life in profound and impactful ways ever since she started building her own business.

Grace Bonney’s blog, Design Sponge, attracts over 1 million readers per day while focusing on the creative community, with the goal of making the art and design world personal. Previously, Grace was a contributing editor at Domino and House & Garden and freelanced with top publications like New York Home, Food & Wine, In Style, New York Magazine, and more.

Grace has been a featured guest on Good Morning America, The Martha Stewart Show, and American Public Radio and has been a keynote speaker with a wide variety of organizations. She has published two best-selling books, Design Sponge at Home and In the Company of Women — and just released her newest project: a magazine called Good Company.

In this conversation, Branden and Grace dive deep into her process of building her business and why there is power in curiosity, inclusivity, and embracing our differences. Ultimately, they’ll highlight why curiosity without judging ourselves for not knowing the answers makes our communities better.


The more curiosity you have, the more questions you ask, the more richer your life gets. We are much more stronger because of it in the end.
— Grace Bonney

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