Tiffany Mitchell — Creating as an Act of Radical Vulnerability


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Tiffany Mitchell’s life circumstances have opened her up to this important truth: The act of creating is like pulling something from your core – bypassing everything that is covering up your true self. Her painful and beautiful story has taught her that when you admit what you’re curious about creating with other people, you’re allowing something good to come alive inside of you.

Tiffany is a photographer, writer, visual storyteller and advocate for the power of vulnerability. She started her now well-known Instagram account at a season of her life where she struggled with depression and anxiety — living with chronic pain that confined her to her house for 2 weeks out of every month between the ages of 19-27. She reached her rock bottom when a divorce, miscarriage, and death of a loved one left her feeling like she’d lost herself entirely. During this time, she had put down a lot of the things that used to give her joy. It wasn’t until she started slowly creating again that she found her voice as well as her own inner-healing.

Today, she’s fostered a massive social media following while using her platform to share the deepest parts of herself with intention — motivating people to uncover their own creative hearts. This passion of hers has taken her all over the globe — and it’s given a lot of people the hope to begin again.

In this conversation, Branden and Tiffany discuss the fears that are attached to our inevitable pain — and how her life changed when she began to see creating things as an act of radical healing.


The act of creating is like pulling something from your core – bypassing all the junk that is covering up your true self. Putting that creativity out into the world is a way of admitting who you really are.
— Tiffany Mitchell

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