Yonathan Moya — Humanizing the Mexico/U.S. Border


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Yonathan Moya Humanizing the Mexico/U.S. Border Podcast Interview

Yonathan Moya is a photographer responsible for the creation of a project, Border Perspective, that took him on a 9-day photographic journey along the U.S. & Mexico border. As he took part in different dialogues and sought to tell truthful stories of those he encountered at the border, he gained a fuller understanding of a place he called home. 

Through his photography and international work, he wants to challenge others to see the world around them differently and go beyond their current worldview, into a new understanding of who they are and how they can positively, contribute to our society.

The border is like any other place in our country. There are really beautiful people, families, places to live—and also criminal activity, but that’s all over the country. It’s no different.
— Yonathan Moya


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