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A photo collage of trash piled up, an aerial view of a forest and a road, AFC Wimbledon players in a group hug, a guy on a motorcycle, and a dog in front of a house

Soccer, Forests, & Airbag Jeans - Good News This Week: March 4th 2023

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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John and Hank Green on YouTube livestream

2023's 'Project for Awesome' Livestream Raises $3M for Charity

The Project for Awesome, or P4A, as its viewers know it, is an annual livestream event for charity, hosted by Hank and John Green.
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A photo collage of Hank & John Green's livestream, a man standing in front of documents laid out on a table, three cyclists, a house with a balcony, and solar panels on a roof

Cars, Trees, & Clean Energy - Good News This Week: February 25th 2023

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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Project for Awesome logo

John & Hank Green's 'Project for Awesome' Has Raised $20M

YouTubers and “Nerdfighters” have raised more than $20 million to make a difference and “decrease world suck.”
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John Green and Hank Green smiling together on the 2022 Project for Awesome livestream

2022's 'Project for Awesome' Raised $3.2M for Charity in 48 Hours

In just two days, the Project for Awesome raised over $3 million for charity — breaking the record for all of the group's previous fundraising events. Thousands of community members from around the world tuned in and made donations.
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AFC Wimbledon Women and Partners In Health logos

John Green and Partners In Health Are Now Sponsoring AFC Wimbledon Women

Working in 12 countries, Partners In Health operates within the belief that injustices lead to poverty and sickness, and that health is a human right — and no human is less deserving of that right than another.
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