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Earth Day! (with an illustrated, colorful planet earth in between the two words)

31 Ideas To Meaningfully Celebrate Earth Day (2023)

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd. We’ve put together the best ideas and activities to help you meaningfully celebrate it...
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National Park Quote Graphic: One of the great things about national parks is they belong to everybody. — Barack Obama

84 Best National Park Quotes For Your Next Adventure (2023)

We’ve curated the best quotes about national parks from conservationists, adventurers, presidents, park rangers, and even Leslie Knope. We hope that as you explore these quotes, you feel energized to explore another national park!
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A group of workers smile to the camera

These Programs & Companies Are Working To Save National Parks

We have reviewed the companies and nonprofits that have announced financial or in-kind support of the NPS or the National Park Foundation and have compiled a list of 25 programs and organizations working to save our national parks.
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A photo collage of an artist painting on a street, a busy crowd, a billboard sign, a hand holding a fish, and a shirt with a print that says 'Yes, I get the joke but why?'

Artists, Gardens, & Pizzamas - Good News This Week: October 1st 2022

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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The Emmett Till Marker, Back up after being knocked down

Emmett Till's Memorial Was Defaced — Here's How To Help

In 2019, a new marker was erected at the site where Till’s body was recovered. It was the fourth replacement at the location.
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Looking Up At Giant Sequoias

Ecologists Help Save Ancient Sequoia Trees with "Good Fires" 🔥

Prescribed and intentional fire management practices have long been cultivated by Native American tribes, and they continue to advocate for their effectiveness today.
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