TED 2023 - Good News & Inspiration

Good Good Good’s live coverage of TED Conference in Vancouver, BC

An African teacher helps a classroom full of students.

This Pan-African NGO Aims To Educate 5 Million Girls By 2030

With support from The Audacious Project, CAMFED outlines plan to educate 5 million girls in impoverished areas in rural Africa by 2030.
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Crowd gives standing ovation at TED conference

5 Activists Who Received Standing Ovations at TED2023

Witness the power of the human spirit as we reveal the five TED Talks from 2023’s conference that moved an audience to their feet! Don't miss these life-changing stories. 🎤
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The stage design at TED 2023, with the theme 'Possibilities'

10 Best Good News Stories from 2023's TED Conference

As the world’s most creative minds convened to talk about ideas that are far-out and far-reaching, TED maintains its foundation in finding the good — in making more room for possibility.
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A white woman in a blue shirt and black cardigan points to a screen with a diagram of a brain

Amy Baxter Is Helping Us Redefine — And Cope With — Pain

Amy Baxter is a pain pioneer, who is urging doctors, patients, and everyone in between to change how we think about pain.
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A Black woman with braids and a purple blazer extends her arm out to a crowd as she speaks on stage.

Clean Slate Initiative Aims To Automatically Clear Records For 14 Million

Sheena Meade, the executive director of the Clean Slate Initiative, took to the TED2023 stage to outline the work her organization is doing to automatically expunge records.
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A man stands in front of a large screen displaying yellow solar panels.

Scientists Invent Solar Panels That Provide Wireless Energy From Space

Ali Hajimiri, of the Space Solar Power Project, spoke at TED2023 about the possibility of using solar power to provide wireless energy from space.
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