A24 is Auctioning "Everything Everywhere All At Once" Props for Trans, AAPI, Mental Health Charities

A number of props being auctioned off by A24

Laundry, taxes, and raccoons — oh my! A24, the production company that created acclaimed film Everything Everywhere All At Once (EEAAO), is auctioning off 43 props and costume pieces from the Academy Award-nominated film this week.

In Another Life Auction, for the benefit of Transgender Law Center
Courtesy of A24

Each available item is split into three categories, each benefitting a different nonprofit organization. One auction, aptly titled the “In Another Life” auction, contains a number of costumes from the movie and will benefit the Transgender Law Center. 

Transgender Law Center is the largest national trans-led organization in the U.S, advocating for trans immigrants, workers, and incarcerated people. The organization works to change law and policy so more people can live safely and authentically.

Mementos from the Multiverse, for the benefit of Asian Mental Health Project
Courtesy of A24

The other two auctions — “Mementos From The Universe” and “Laundry & Taxes” — will donate proceeds to the Asian Mental Health Project and the Laundry Workers Center, respectively.

The Asian Mental Health Project works to educate and empower AAPI communities in seeking mental healthcare, by offering resources, community care initiatives, and grant-based assistance. 

Laundry and Taxes Auction, for the benefit of Laundry Workers Center
Courtesy of A24

Lastly, the Laundry Workers Center is a worker’s rights group, led by immigrants in New York City and New Jersey. The grassroots organization addresses the need for improvements in living and working conditions in laundry, warehouse, and food service industries. 

A24 has held auctions in the past for other movie props, but with the wild success of EEAAO, this auction is sure to roll in some funds for some groups who could really benefit from them.

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February 23, 2023 9:18 AM
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