Good News: These Airbag Jeans Aim To Protect Motorcyclists

Diagram explaining Mo’cycle Motorcycle Airbag Jeans

In the United States, motorcycles make up only 3% of all registered vehicles, though motorcyclists account for 14% of all traffic fatalities, according to the National Safety Council

While the fresh breeze and exhilarating journey of a motorcycle expedition may be enticing to many riders, the safety concerns are real — especially when there are no standard safety features that a car or other vehicle would include. 

This leaves folks to get creative — like Moses Shahrivar, an award-winning clothing designer and motorcyclist who has designed the innovative Mo’cycle Airbag Jeans.

Designer Moses Shahrivar / Photo via Instagram

Shahrivar has been designing motorcycle jeans for nearly two decades, and his first design was sold by Harley Davidson stores in Sweden. However, his most recent innovation is sure to transform the future of motorcycle riding.

What are airbag jeans?

Diagram showing the following: Mo'cycle © Airbag Jeans Airbag Inside Produced by Helite © Knox © Micro-Lock Knee Protectors Armalith ® Motorcycle Denim Hip - Airbag Tailbone, Coccyx - Airbag Rear part - Airbag Front & Side Thigh - Airbag Ventilation Abrasion Resistant Motorcycle Denim
Photo courtesy of Mo’cycle

Shahrivar’s Airbag Collection was funded by the European Union, as well as investors from Dragons’ Den (the Swedish version of Shark Tank), in an effort to develop the safest riding clothes in history.

The jeans appear to be normal riding pants, but if an accident occurs, the airbags deploy and inflate to protect the hip, tailbone, and thighs. The gear is also water-repellent and made to be comfortable in any climate. Users can also take out the airbag and throw the pants in the wash and can replace airbag cartridges with ease.

The airbag cartridges are made with CO2 and inflate with gas when a rider falls from their motorcycle. Inflating before impact with a “dead-man’s switch” mechanism, the airbags deploy if a rider is physically and forcefully removed from their bike.

Shahrivar has also created an Airbag Vest, which utilizes the same tech and protects the heart and other vital organs and includes an inflatable helmet to go over the head for additional protection. 

Person wearing motorcycle airbag vest
Airbag Vest / Photo courtesy of Mo’cycle

These items have been crash-tested and even helped protect Shahrivar in a recent accident. 

“It took us 16 years to finally solve the long-lasting problem of protecting the lower body against impact hits,” the Mo’cycle Indiegogo page reads. “The Mo’cycle Airbag jeans is a revolutionary piece of riding gear as spinal column injuries tend to become permanent.”

Why is this good news?

Airbag jeans un-inflated and inflated
Photo courtesy of Mo’cycle

The truth is: Riding a motorcycle is dangerous — but there are ways to make it safer. By creating practical safety gear that looks good enough that serious motorcyclists want to wear them, we can save lives.

It’s also always inspiring to see someone use their talents, skills, and experience (in this case, expertise in making jeans for motorcyclists) to make the world a better place. Hopefully this creative endeavor inspires even more life-saving fashion in the future.

Where can I buy Mo’cycle Airbag Jeans?

Riders can purchase their airbag gear through the brand’s Indiegogo page. The jeans and vest individually start at about $530 USD, though shoppers can buy the whole outfit for just under $1,000 USD.

Motorcycle Jeans uninflated
Photo courtesy of Mo’cycle

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