Tattoos, Emo Proms & Puppy Paintings: How One Dog Rescue Is Finding New Ways To Bring in Donations

A tattoo of pawprints on someone's ankle, a black and white pit bull, and a red, yellow, and orange painting next to a photo of a dog

Pet lovers in Salem, Ohio wrapped up 2023 with a good deed: raising money for rescue dogs while getting fresh ink and piercings. 

On December 30th, 2023, Ohio dog rescue All About The Pawz worked with Salem’s State Street Tattoo to organize their yearly flash tattoo and piercing fundraiser. 

All proceeds from the flash tattoo event went directly to the rescue. Many customers requested pet-related artwork and arrived early with dog food bags in tow. 

Four pages of pet-themed flash tattoo designs
Customers could choose a number of pet-related flash designs from State Street Tattoo. Photo courtesy of Angi Westhead/Facebook

“We are trying to raise funds to maintain shelter, housing, food costs, vetting costs, just the basic needs for dogs that we are trying to get adopted,” AATP volunteer Angi Westhead told 21 News

AATP is a nonprofit dog rescue — that also frequently has cats available for adoption — entirely run by volunteers. The animals come to the rescue as strays, owner surrenders, and transfers from county pounds. 

“This year has been very rough for dog rescue,” said Westhead. “We are overwhelmed with the amount of dogs we are trying to save [and] trying to get adopted.”

AATP has been finding new ways to fund donations for years. In addition to hosting holiday pop-ups at their local Goodwill, the rescue also hosts bake sales, basket raffles, and karaoke nights in downtown Youngstown. A recent pop-up market and fundraiser hosted by Vegan Bazaar even included paintings made by adoptable dogs. 

“The AATP pet artwork by shelter pups was a huge success. … Each piece came with a photo of the pup who made the art and they are all frame-worthy,” said event organizer Kate Lewis

On Saturday, April 13th, the rescue will host their third annual “Emo Prom,” with all proceeds going directly to AATP’s furry friends. 

Their event caption reads: “Raise funds for dogs in need AND ruin your eyeliner while crying to your favorite emo songs in your best emo formal wear. No brainer.”

Header images courtesy of State Street Tattoo, All About The Pawz, and Kate Lewis

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