Julia Fox stuns in 'shower curtain corset' as she hosts 'trashy' new sustainable fashion TV show

Julia Fox wears a headpiece of "trashion" accessories on her new show "OMG FASHUN"

Julia Fox wants to turn your trash into fashion. 

In her new E! competition series “OMG FASHUN,” Fox challenges designers to make outfits out of recycled and repurposed materials

But an unconventional fashion show requires unconventional host attire. Ahead of the TV show’s back-to-back premiere episodes, Fox reached out to NYC “trashion” designer Anna Molinari to commission a new dress — entirely made from trash. 

“Julia Fox told me that she woke up craving an outfit made out of plastic, so I just decided to make it for her,” Molinari said in TikTok video posted May 12

A hand-written creative brief that reads: "Life In Plastic: Custom Look for Julia Fox. Construction time: 1.5 weeks. Materials used: 2 old shower curtain linings, 4 shipping bags, 8 dry cleaning garment bags, 126 plastic straws, 34 plastic bottle caps, 2 plastic forks, a LOT of bubble wrap"
Photo courtesy of Anna Molinari/Instagram

Molinari got to it, diving into dumpsters and taking down her own shower curtain lining, which she used as the base of the dress. 

“I added metal boning to the top part of the outfit, so that it would give Julia her signature snatched look,” Molinari said, as she took viewers behind the scenes. 

A fashion sketch of Anna Molinari's "Plastic Challenge," showing the blueprints of her dress design in pencil
Photo courtesy of Anna Molinari/Instagram

Molinari took Fox’s “plastic” request to heart, repurposing bubble wrap and dry cleaning bags into the dress, adorning high heels with plastic bottle caps, and melting plastic take-out forks into earrings. 

“I also incorporated a bunch of plastic straws that I’ve collected, because Julia and I want to save the turtles,” Molinari explained. 

The designer topped off the shower curtain corset with additional bottle caps and plastic lining. 

“I wanted to keep the skirt clear, because Julia — as well as the rest of the world — loves her butt,” Molinari joked. 

Anna Molinari takes a mirror selfie. She blocks her body with a mannequin covered in a dress made from plastics
Photo courtesy of Anna Molinari/Instagram

Once the outfit was pinned, glued, and sewed to Molinari’s liking, she handed it off to Fox, not knowing that she would wear the very same dress during her television appearance on May 6

“She liked it so much she wore it on her new TV show,” Molinari said. “She ate the whole thing up and left no crumbs.”

In each episode of “OMG FASHUN,” three fashion designers — dubbed “disruptors” — are tasked with creating handcrafted outfits from upcycled materials. Every week, Fox, stylist Law Roach, and a rotating guest judge will crown a new winner, who earns a $10,000 cash prize. 

A still from Julia Fox's "OMG FASHUN" in which consestants present their fashion designs to judges.
Photo by Quantrell Colbert/E! Entertainment

Fox has been making headlines lately for her two-year celibacy pact to herself, but she wants to pull focus toward sustainable fashion. Decked out in babydoll heads and deconstructed sneakers, Fox has been on a press tour to promote her new show and talk about the dangers of fast fashion. 

In an interview with the Associated Press, Fox described disruptive fashion as “anything that undermines the current norms.”

“[It means] not wearing mass-produced garbage, supporting local emerging designers in your own community, not falling for clever marketing ploys, [and] not wearing something just because everyone else is,” Fox explained. 

Julia Fox enters the set of her show "OMG FASHUN" wearing an outfit made of pieces of trash. It includes a bikini top and miniskirt, as well as white go-go boots. Atop her head is a dresser drawer headpiece, overflowing with more trash.
Photo by Quantrell Colbert/E! Entertainment

In addition to challenging designers to think outside the box by creating original outfits out of stuffed animals, breast pumps, tampon applicators, and more, Fox wants the disruptors on her show to go above and beyond the weekly prompt. 

“Tell a story through your work,” Fox said. “Don’t just make a pretty outfit. … Anyone can do that. But can you make me feel something? That’s harder to do.”

Header image courtesy of Quantrell Colbert/E! Entertainment

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