24 Helpful Ideas for a New Mom Care Package

3 Helpful Ideas For a New Mom Care Package: Soothing Wipes, Nipple Balm & A Breastfeeding-Friendly Loungewear

After someone gives birth, they have a lot on their mind: how to be a parent to this new human being, how much their body needs to rest and recover, how their life has just drastically changed — it runs the gamut.

In America, these new parents are also probably thinking about how they’re going to pay their hospital bill, what kind of childcare support they’re going to need, and how quickly they may have to return to work without any universal paid family leave programs.

While you, as someone who loves and cares about them, can’t remove those challenges all on your own, you certainly can show them you care, offer them some small tokens of support, and generously share your resources with them.

And if you’ve made it here, you already have a care package in mind. Good on you! If you’re new to this “my best friend/sister/cousin is a new mom, and I have no idea how to support her” thing, welcome aboard. 

We’ve compiled some ideas of things to include in a new mom care package for the parent in your life who could really use some help caring for their new bundle of joy.

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Ideas To Include in a New Mom Care Package


Frozen Meals

A Box Of Rao's Frozen Meals
Photo courtesy of Rao's Homemade

A casserole dish or a crock pot plug-and-go meal is always a thoughtful route for new parents, but what happens when the meal train ends — or your friends get tired of having lasagna for the third night in a row?

Meals that can be pre-portioned and frozen are an amazing help to make your support last — and diversify the home menu option during maternity leave.

We recommend:

One-Handed Snacks

Omega-3 Deluxe Mix Slacks
Photo courtesy of Nature's Garden

Motherhood is all about multi-tasking. Get some snacks that are both nutritious and delicious and can be easily opened or eaten with one hand.

We recommend:

Food Delivery Gift Cards

A Door Dash Gift Card
Photo courtesy of DoorDash

At the end of the day, nothing compares to the exact thing you’re craving. Set her up for success by supplying her with funds to get any meal she wants delivered right to her door.

We recommend:

Pre-Portioned Smoothies

A Person Holding An Almond Smoothie
Photo courtesy of Daily Harvest

Smoothies are another great way to get your helping of nutrients and fresh produce without spending too much time in the kitchen — but it can be a pain to portion out your ingredients. Make it easier with some pre-portioned smoothie cups made for a queen.

We recommend:

Instant Coffee Pods

Someone Mixing A Bottle of Explorer Coffee Cold Brew In A Glass
Photo courtesy of Explorer Cold Brew

Wake the Nespresso machine up! Whether you supply your loved one with some Nespresso pods, K-cups, or some good old fashioned microwavable instant coffee, you’ll be giving them a magic elixir in a world of little-to-no sleep.

We recommend:

Self-Care Items

Breastfeeding-Friendly Loungewear

A Woman Wearing A Brestfeeding-Friendly Loungewear
Photo courtesy of Kindred Bravely

Nursing pajamas are a must-have. Not only does it make middle-of-the-night feeding times more comfortable, but cute and comfortable loungewear can make a new mom feel fresh and confident when she goes a few days without feeling like a human.

We recommend:

Oversized T-Shirts

A Woman Wearing An Oversized T-Shirt
Photo courtesy of Adidas

There’s a good chance the new mom you know has already stolen every oversized T-shirt from every man in her life, but it’s time she gets her own. Supply her with a pack of comfy tees that can take a little spit-up and provide mom with endless comfort when her jammies are in the wash.

We recommend:

Dry Shampoo

A Bottle Of Lulu's Organic Dry Shampoo Hair Powder
Photo courtesy of Lulu Organics

There are going to be days where a shower feels like too much work, let alone hair-washing. Let the dry shampoo take a shift and help her feel at least a little refreshed, amid dirty diapers and drool.

We recommend:

Warm Socks

A Person Wearing Long Warm Socks
Photo courtesy of Hot Feet

Sitting on the couch or in the nursery glider isn’t exactly the best way to get your circulation pumping. Keep her toes warm with a pair (or two… or five) of comfy socks.

We recommend:

Extra Long Phone Charging Cord

A Person Playing A Videogame On His Phone While Using A Extra Long Phone Charging Cord
Photo courtesy of Cabepow

Is there anything more frustrating than not being able to reach your phone from your cozy spot in bed or on the couch? Okay, now add a newborn baby to that equation. 

Every new mom deserves unlimited screen time, we just decided.

We recommend:

Postpartum Recovery Items

A Large Water Bottle (With A Straw)

A Person Holding A Large Water Bottle With A Straw
Photo courtesy of Hydro Flask

While some new moms receive a big ole water bottle from the hospital or have likely already been using one throughout pregnancy, it’s important to make sure your gift recipient is staying hydrated.

Bottles with a straw are often the best choice, so they’re easy to drink out of while she’s holding or feeding her babe. 

We recommend:


A Person Holding A Bottle Of Chapstick
Photo courtesy of Vaseline

One common but not often talked about side effect of pregnancy and delivery is dehydrated skin (and hair!). Dry, scaly, and peeling lips are part of the gig. Make it a little more bearable.

We recommend:

Soothing Wipes

A Baby Holding A Bag Of Soothing Wipes
Photo courtesy of Doctor Butler's

Your loved one likely already has a care plan and plenty of resources from their doctor, but soothing wipes and cooling pads are always well appreciated during recovery.

We recommend:

Ice Packs

An Ice Pack Bag
Photo courtesy of Hi Fine Care

You know when you have a headache and you use an ice pack, but then the ice pack stops being cold, but you don’t have another ice pack to replace the original ice pack... and your head still hurts?

That’s what we’re trying to avoid here. Help support the new mom in your life by making sure she always has an ice pack to turn to while she recovers from birth.

We recommend:

Postpartum Pads & Underwear

A Woman Is Wearing A Post Partum Underwear
Photo courtesy of Innersy

Make sure she has her fair share of pads and underwear easily accessible! Bonus points if you can make it fun with some cute wrapping, or stash them intentionally in an aesthetic basket that blends into her bathroom.

We recommend:

Postnatal Vitamins

A Person Pouring Post Natal Vitamins In Their Hands
Photo courtesy of Maryruth's Organics

Your new mom in question likely already has a wellness plan, including supplements, set up with her doctor. But vitamins like biotin and collagen are great options to add into her repertoire for hair and nail growth, too.

We recommend: 

Nipple Balm

A Box Of Organic Nipple Balm
Photo courtesy of Earth Mama

If she’s breastfeeding, the best thing you can possibly do is hook her up with some nipple balm. She’ll thank us — and you — later.

We recommend:

Perineal Balm/Spray

A Box And A Jar Of Perineal Balm
Photo courtesy of Earth Mama

There is no shortage of soothing solutions for soreness all over the body! Despite her existing collection of peri bottles, she’ll also probably appreciate some balms or sprays to keep her on the road to recovery.

We recommend:

Laxatives & Stool Softeners

A Bottle Of Miralax's Laxative Powder
Photo courtesy of Miralax

If you weren’t already thrilled by how glamorous this care package is, you’ll certainly be wowed by the next idea: laxatives. 

Constipation is common in postpartum women, so as much as you might not want to add these to your cart, the new mom in your life will be so relieved, it’ll be well worth it.

We recommend:

Epsom Salts

A Woman Taking A Spoon Of Epsom Salts
Photo courtesy of Thena Natural Wellness

Forget the rainbow bath bombs and bubble soaks of your adolescence; the joy of a postpartum sitz bath cannot be compared.

Help provide a little relief by supplying her with some epsom salts for the tub.

We recommend:



Listen, we can all enjoy the soothing white noise machine for so long. If the new mom in your life needs some entertainment for those middle-of-the-night wakeup calls, an audiobook is the way to go.

We recommend:

Home Cleaning Services

What most new moms are truly looking for is help. Gift baskets are thoughtful and appreciated, but at the end of the day, most new parents simply need someone to lighten the load. 

We recommend:

  • Volunteering to clean yourself
  • Hiring a local small business to help

Newborn Photography Session

If you’re going in on a group gift for a new mom, or you want to give something especially meaningful, pay for a newborn photo session with a local photographer!

Many photographers will offer gift certificates, or you can reach out directly to your friend to cover the cost of any photography session she schedules.

A Massage or Facial

Postpartum massages and facials are the height of luxury. Book your loved one an appointment at a local spa or get a gift card that she can use when she’s ready.

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