Watch The ‘Planet Earth 3’ Trailer and Stream New Episodes For Free

A chacma baboon, a maned wolf, and a male spotted bower bird

After a seven-year hiatus, the “Planet Earth” nature documentary series just premiered its much-anticipated third installment.  

In “Planet Earth 3” — also stylized as “Planet Earth III” — British broadcaster Sir David Attenborough returns to narrate wildlife scenes around the world from butterfly migrations to harrowing shark hunts. 

You can click here to view a trailer for “Planet Earth 3” and catch a glimpse of sweeping glacial views, timelapses, and never-before-seen animal footage. 

“Once again, we journey across our magnificent planet to meet the astonishing animals that live here and reveal their extraordinary stories,” Attenborough teases in the trailer. 

Where to stream “Planet Earth 3” 

“Planet Earth 3” began airing live on the BBC America channel on November 4th. For those with a cable subscription, the series will continue airing weekly on BBC America every Saturday at 8pm ET. “Planet Earth 3” is set to air for eight episodes and wrap its finale on December 10th.

To stream “Planet Earth 3” online, you can watch the series through AMC+, which is currently offering a 7-day free trial. 

The series is also accessible through BBC America online with a 5-day free trial through DirecTV Stream subscription

If you want to go back and watch the entire nature docuseries, “Planet Earth” (2006) and “Planet Earth II” (2016) are currently available to stream on Amazon Prime, Max, and Discovery Plus.

Header images courtesy of: BBC Studios/Rémi Emeriau; Sean Crane/Minden/; Barrie Britton

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November 6, 2023 11:00 AM
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