Gifts That Do Good: Ethical Subscriptions That Give Back

Gifts That Do Good — Subscriptions for Ethical and Sustainable Products That Make a Difference

What’s better than a singular gift? A gift that keeps on giving. If you’re wondering how to make the most of your holiday giving, consider giving a subscription to one of the many options Good Good Good has sourced below.

We rounded up some of the most ethical and sustainable subscriptions on the Internet. In addition to being a great gift, you’re also supporting companies that do good.

Each product listed was independently curated by the Good Good Good team. Some of the links we include may be affiliate links, which means that Good Good Good may earn a commission at no cost to you. Thanks for your support!

The Best Ethical, Sustainable, and Do-Good Subscriptions and Subscription Boxes

All True Subscription


A woman smiles and holds an Alltrue subscription box up.

All True provides its subscribers with a ‘beautifully illustrated’ and customizable box, packed with full-size household and self-care products.

The subscription runs at a quarterly rate of $24, or you can pay $149.85 for four boxes, and your first box is free.

These products are also ethically sourced and sustainably made if you’re looking to shop more eco-friendly.

Earthlove Box 

$45 - $280

Overhead flatlay of an earthlove box with contents scattered around it: A pair of socks, book titled "The Truth About Animals", mug of hot chocolate with stir spoon and two cookies, toothpaste and toothbrush, and a few personal care items.h

Earthlove Box offers seasonal and annual boxes for its customers. Each box has items such as a customizable wellness book, mindful lifestyle challenges, and other sustainable, eco-friendly products to incorporate into your daily routine.

According to their website, “Earthlove aims to bring more nature into our lives by not only curating botanicals, wildcrafted & organic, and nature-inspired goods for the wild at heart, but also providing tips for enriching your connection to the natural world.”


3 month: $24 | 6 month: $48 | 12 month: $84

Overhead image of a Goodnewspaper sitting on a side table. The cover reads "Real Good News."

In our fast-paced world, bad news sticks to our brains easier than good news. (It’s called an internal negativity bias.) But our Goodnewspaper slows you down so the good can actually sink in.

Plus, each issue includes art you can hang on your wall and it feels really good to be able to tangibly gift good news to a friend who needs some.

Each issue is filled with dozens of good news stories. And at the bottom of each good news story you’ll also find action steps on how you can make the biggest difference with the issues you care about. Audiobook Subscription 


Smartphone with a green bow wrapped around it, and two screenshots of audiobooks on its left and right side. is the best way to listen to audiobooks and make a difference. When you subscribe to, every audiobook you download actively supports a small bookstore of your choosing.

All you have to do is sign up, choose your preferred bookstore, and start downloading audiobooks. You can listen to these books anywhere and at any time.

By the way, we have a special deal for you. With, get 2 audiobooks for the price of 1 with the code GOOD.

Love Goodly 

$39.95 - $210.00

3 matching brown boxes with light purple bows wrapped around each of them.

Love Goodly is a company started by two women who want to empower others to live a healthy lifestyle. The company offers wellness boxes that include cruelty-free, eco-friendly, vegan products that range from beauty and skincare to healthy foods.

These boxes start at the price of $39.95, and you can purchase them as a subscriber or non-subscriber!

Purple Carrot

1 Week: $71.94 | 2 Weeks: $143.88 | 4 Weeks: $287.76

A brown shipping box with the purple "Purple Carrot" logo on the side of it surrounded by colorful fruits and vegetables..

Purple Carrot offers boxes full of globally-inspired recipes. The packages are filled with the ingredients and directions to create different culturally-influenced meals.

You’re also not required to sign up for a weekly subscription — it’s an investment you can choose without the commitment. 

Riff Cold Brew 

1 Box Subscription $29.74/box | 2 Box Subscription $27.99/box | 3 Box Subscription $26.25/box

A brown box with Riff branding and a push-knob for pouring out cold brew in the front. A glass of iced cold brew coffee in a clear glass sits next to it.

Riff Cold Brew will give you best cold brew in the world, delivered in a box (just like boxed wine). It shows up to your house in a frozen block so you don't lose any of the flavor.

Riff Cold Brew only has two ingredients: premium coffee and Cascade Mountain water sourced right in their own backyard.

There are 4 types of cold brew to choose from and it'll ship directly to your door for your caffeine fix.

Substack Subscriptions

Various prices

Substack logo: Orange bookmark icon with "substack" in grey letters.

Substacks are a great way to support a writer directly. You can find various Substacks that cater to your interests as a reader and if you’ve been meaning to subscribe for a while, this is your sign to sign up. 

The Good Good Good team recommends Ask Polly & Tangle — both are Substack newsletters that offer informative and entertaining reads for their audience.

Ask Polly runs as an advice column, where readers can send in problems and have the chance to be featured on an Ask Polly blog. Tangle is a political newsletter that offers a unique perspective to mainstream political coverage.

While these blogs are completely different in their content, a Substack subscription can help you feel informed and heard all at once. 

Book of the Month Club Subscription 

3 Months: $49.99 | 6 Months: $89.99 | 12 Months $169.99

A drawing of a blue book with stick-hands and feet, smiling, and wearing sunglasses next to 5 drawings of presents stacked on top of each other.

A Book of the Month Club subscription helps you read the best books possible — without needing to overthink what to read next.

All you have to do is select one (or more) of the five ‘wow-worthy reads’ that Book of the Month picks out.

Your first month’s book is $9.99, and then it’s $15.99 a month. You can also cancel anytime or skip any months you’d like, free of charge. 

Headspace Subscription

$0 - $69.99/yr

An orange circle with a closed-eye smiley face on it on a yellow background.

Headspace helps you create a better mindset for your day.

For $69.99 a year, you’ll receive all of Andy Puddicombe's iconic guided meditations — plus workouts, mindfulness exercises, mantras, affirmations, white noises, focus music, and more to help you live a more positive and hopeful life.

And if you’re a student, it’s just $9.99 a year! Plus, you can always use start with a free trial.

Grove Collaborative

Overhead flatlay of a white cleaning bucket, two glass spray bottles, a plate of oranges and cleaner concentrate bottle on a bright teal background.

Grove Collaborative is a go-to for cleaning supplies.

If you’re looking to take care of yourself or your home, Grove Collaborative lets you customize a box full of home and personal care items, all of which will be perfectly curated by the people at Grove Collaborative and then delivered to your front door.

The company also has a ‘price matching’ system, so you’ll never be paying more than what you can afford.

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