You Can Celebrate Taylor Swift’s Birthday By Donating $13 To Help Shelter Cats

Taylor Swift and a cat dressed in a blond wig and pink dress

December 13 is, famously, a big day in pop princess history. On this day in 1989, Taylor Allison Swift, global pop-star and notorious cat lover, was born.

While the date of her birth has become central to Swift’s personality — her lucky number is 13, and you may have heard of a little album called ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’ in recent months — another fundamental characteristic of of the now-34-year-old is her love of cats.

Swift’s three cats, who are named after beloved fictional characters — Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson, and Benjamin Button — have become so iconic in the world of famous pets that animal shelters are using their feline ferocity on social media to take advantage of their owner’s special day.

Shelters across the country are tailoring (or should we say… Tayloring) their content to the Swifties, asking for $13 donations for the singer’s birthday. They’re calling it the “Taylor Swift Challenge.”

One such shelter is Paws Cat Shelter in Woodstock, Connecticut.

“Whether you’re a Swiftie or not, we all agree that she is an animal lover,” the shelter wrote on Facebook. “We are asking fans and animal advocates to donate $13 in celebration of her birthday. … It has been a tough year for Paws and many local rescues in our state.” 

The shelter features a photo of Swift’s TIME Person of the Year magazine cover, which features her blue-eyed youngest child, Benjamin Button.

And it’s not the only rescue using this tactic.

The Stratford Animal Rescue Society in Connecticut reenacted Swift’s magazine cover in a playful video, asking for its own $13 donations.

The Humane Society of North Texas even brought the star’s love life into the equation, referencing her beau, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

“By donating $13, $87 (for Travis Kelce fans), or $100 (for Swift-Travis fans) to HSNT, you can make a significant difference in the lives of countless cats, just like Taylor and Benjamin,” the organization writes on Facebook.

The shelter’s post also includes a gallery of cats and dogs in their best ‘Tay-vis’ cosplays, featuring felines in blond wigs and golden retrievers dressed in football jerseys.

“Your donation will bring comfort and joy while also securing a brighter future for these furry friends,” HSNT continues. “Let’s make Taylor proud and show her the impact of her love for animals!”

HSNT also announced early Wednesday that it received a $2,000 matching donation for the singer’s birthday.

And if the power of Swifties is any indication, it should be a very successful celebration for all organizations participating in the Taylor Swift Challenge.

“Love this! My daughter has been counting down to Taylor Swift’s birthday and asking me ‘what should we get her?’ and I’ve been at a total loss,” Facebook user Andrienne Sullivan commented on HSNT’s post.

“This is the answer I’ve been waiting for.”

Header images courtesy of Eva Rinaldi Photography (CC BY 2.0) and Humane Society of North Texas

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