Diana Oestreich is a soldier turned peacemaker and author of the book Waging Peace.

She describes herself as a peacemaker, author, activist, veteran, and former sexual assault nurse. Speaking across the country she empowers audiences to “identify our own rural, urban, political, or religious divides to cross our own ‘enemy lines’ in order to remake the world and heal all that’s tearing us apart.”

She’s appeared on multiple podcasts and blogs discussing justice, faith, peacemaking, refugees, anti-racism, activism with kids, and how her posture of love shapes how she parents and shows up for her neighbors.

Diana, her partner Jake and their two sons, Bridger and Zelalem live along the shores of Lake Superior on Ojibwe land. They are an Ethiopian-American family woven together through adoption and a shared love for bad jokes and competitive card games.

You can get to know Diana, read the first chapter of her book for free, and learn more about The Waging Peace Project at dianaoestreich.com.