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An illustration of multicolored file folders stacked on top of each other. On top is the text "The Documenters" in a white script font

Meet the Documenters: The people who actually attend — and keep a record of — your city's meetings

A network of newsrooms and community organizations, the Documenters train and pay hundreds of people to attend under-reported public meetings and publish the results.
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An illustration of multiple houses on a green hill. Small speech bubbles are coming from each of them.

Meet the startup that wants to make it easier to be an informed citizen

This Oregon-based startup aims to make civic engagement a lot more easy and enjoyable — for voters, candidates, advocacy organizations, and businesses alike.
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Chaotic symbols like a crying emoji, rainbow, and zig-zagging arrows accompany the words "How To Feel Good About Voting When Things Are Looking Bad"

How To Feel Good About Voting When Things Are Looking Bad

Experts say U.S. voters are feeling disillusioned about the upcoming election. They also say there's hope.
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An illustration of Congressman Maxwell Frost on a blue background, with the text "Florida Congressman Maxwell Frost on Gen Z's Future in American Politics"

Why Rep. Maxwell Frost Is Hopeful About Gen Z's Future in Politics

The first Gen Z member of Congress on organizing from a place of love — and advocating for the need to make running for office more accessible for young people.
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Rescue boat arrives at site of Francis Scott Key bridge collapse in Baltimore

Hope in the heartbreak: First responders bravely kept cars from Baltimore bridge moments before collapse

This morning, Baltimore, Maryland's Key Bridge was struck by a passing cargo ship and collapsed — but first responders kept the situation from being much worse.
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A photo collage of bicycles parked under a bike shed, a woman with Down syndrome posing for the camera, an close-up shot of a wind turbine’s wheel, a robot figure with part of the European Union flag as its background, and a close-up shot of a man wearing a life vest while rowing a boat

Good News This Week: March 23, 2024 - Parks, Turbines, & AI

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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A group of diverse women Service Members stand in a line

Women veterans are receiving more benefits, care from VA than ever before

Progress is attributed to legislative measures and ongoing initiatives such as the PACT Act and the new Women's Health Research Collaborative.
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Left: John Green looks surprised in a vlogbrothers video; Right: the CDC's TB Elimination Champion logo

CDC honors John Green for his efforts to eliminate tuberculosis

Author John Green has been recognized by the Centers for Disease Control as a Tuberculosis Elimination Champion.
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Left: MP Maria Eagle; Center: A white ferret; Right: MP Mark Spencer

UK lawmakers strike down anti-trans bill by... talking about ferrets?

The "Ferret Filibuster" has made the animal a symbol for trans resistance, as MPs delay a ban on gender-affirming care.
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John Green smiling next to TB under microscope

John Green announces $1M annual donation to fight his (least) favorite disease

YouTuber and author John Green has just announced a major investment in the fight to end tuberculosis in the Philippines.
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Blue solar panels on a green grass field

A rebooted community solar program provides support for for lower-income Minnesotans

A new state law is ushering in several changes to the state’s community solar program, with developers seeing new rules and requirements, as well as new opportunities.
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A photo collage of a water tank sign in the outdoors, a portrait image of Dr. Ruth Gottesman, two men removing concrete off the ground, a document from the State of California, and a flatlay image of the Goodnewspaper

Good News This Week: March 2, 2024 - Park, Trees, & Free Tuition

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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