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MJ Dizon poses for the camera

This Washington School District Helped Homeless Students Graduate

While four-year graduation rates for homeless students ticked up steadily across Washington state since the 2014-15 school year, they jumped 15 percentage points in North Thurston.
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A woman lying on bed in a hospital

These Local Governments Are Using Federal Aid To Cancel Medical Debt

From Chicago to Toledo, more and more local governments are getting in on this simple economic recovery strategy: buying up and canceling medical bills en masse.
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Two older women look at their written notes while a teacher smiles at them

One Rural County is Launching a National Digital Navigators Corps

When the pandemic hit, a digital equity center in Down East Maine helped older residents learn how to use the internet to stay connected and informed. Now a national grant program will give them the chance to train more residents.
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A photo collage of Tim Walz celebrating with children, three women with bags and items on the floor, an open field with trees, a woman with a notebook and pen, and the Best Friends Pet Resource Center

Free Food, Books, & Pets - Good News This Week: March 24th 2023

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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Illustration of water waves for World Water Day

Celebrating World Water Day Good News Stories: One Drop at a Time

Quench your thirst for good news with inspiring World Water Day stories, and join the fight for clean water and sanitation for all!
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Asheville, North Carolina at sunrise

The 100 Greenest Cities in America, Ranked (2023)

When it comes to making an impact on a larger scale, looking at which cities have particularly eco-engaged citizens, companies, and local governments reveals just how much of an impact environmental initiatives can have.
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A photo collage of Daniela Arroyo González, Jason Christiansen next to a trailer, a woman and girl dancing, a hydrogen-powered commuter airplane, and the Rainbow Flag

Women, Airplanes, & Sleep Trailers - Good News This Week: March 11th 2023

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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A dumpsite under a clear sky

To Reduce Trash, Some States Charge the Companies Producing It

Municipalities and waste managers around the country are raising the alarm about limited landfill capacity, and some see Extended Producer Responsibility policies as a piece of the puzzle.
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3 people cycling in a car-free street

In These Cities, Car-free Streets Are Here To Stay

Cars? In this economy? Here’s how four cities took back miles of pavement from cars, making a popular pandemic solution into a permanent fixture.
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Satellite view of Turkey and Syria's earthquake locations

How Satellites Can Help Earthquake Rescue Efforts in Turkey and Syria

In disasters like the earthquakes that struck Syria and Turkey on February 6, international cooperation on satellite imaging plays a crucial role in the rescue and recovery efforts.
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