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From left to right: Sofia, Karli, and Elmo from "Sesame Street."

Elmo wants to 'check in' again, this time as part of a new 'Sesame Street' mental health initiative

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, Sesame Street is creating mental health resources for children, all led by Elmo and The Count.
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Quote Graphic: Teacher appreciation makes the world of education go around. — Helen Peters

41 Best Teacher Appreciation Quotes To Show Gratitude

As you read through these inspiring words, we hope you'll be reminded of the immense value of the educators in your life and feel motivated to express your thanks to them.
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Colorful illustrated teacher happily teaching students

17 Ideas To Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week (2024)

Teacher Appreciation Week is an annual celebration in May dedicated to the appreciation and support of America’s teachers. Here are some ways to celebrate the week-long event.
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Aria Mia Loberti stands in a classroom, with two braids in her hair, wearing a black t-shirt

Aria Mia Loberti, star of 'All The Light We Cannot See' is appointed as UNICEF ambassador

UNICEF has named Aria Mia Loberti, of "All The Light We Cannot See" as its newest ambassador. Her work focuses on education and climate justice.
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A photo collage of a sea turtle, a man riding a bicycle, a chemical plant, a dog on top of a giant rock, and a flatlay image of the Goodnewspaper

Good News This Week: April 13, 2024 - Turtles, Dogs, & Bicycles

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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Two women look up at the sky while wearing eclipse glasses

Donate your eclipse glasses and pay it forward to students in Latin America

Make the good from yesterday's total solar eclipse last by donating your undamaged eclipse glasses to schoolchildren in Latin America.
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Total solar eclipse, showing ‘diamond ring’ effect, which is visible just before or just after totality when the last or first slither of sunlight glints through a gap in the lunar topography

Eclipse good news: This is how visually impaired students will 'get a feel for' the eclipse

In the U.S., over 7 million people are blind or visually impaired and may not be able to experience an eclipse the traditional way.
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An illustration of multicolored file folders stacked on top of each other. On top is the text "The Documenters" in a white script font

Meet the Documenters: The people who actually attend — and keep a record of — your city's meetings

A network of newsrooms and community organizations, the Documenters train and pay hundreds of people to attend under-reported public meetings and publish the results.
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An emotional inmate at Sonoma County jail covers his face and wipes tears as he listens to a classical quartet playing the composition he wrote.

Watch: Incarcerated composers react from prison as a string quartet brings their songs to life

In Sonoma County Jail, 11 inmates found solace and purpose in a music program, culminating in an emotional concert performed live.
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An illustration of multiple houses on a green hill. Small speech bubbles are coming from each of them.

Meet the startup that wants to make it easier to be an informed citizen

This Oregon-based startup aims to make civic engagement a lot more easy and enjoyable — for voters, candidates, advocacy organizations, and businesses alike.
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Chaotic symbols like a crying emoji, rainbow, and zig-zagging arrows accompany the words "How To Feel Good About Voting When Things Are Looking Bad"

How To Feel Good About Voting When Things Are Looking Bad

Experts say U.S. voters are feeling disillusioned about the upcoming election. They also say there's hope.
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Three screenshots show a TikTok posted by the Mulwaukee Public Library, where a young woman is dressed as Amelia Bedelia

Beloved character Amelia Bedelia visits her local library in a viral TikTok, cleverly showcasing underrated public programs

Amelia Bedelia's mishaps, highlighted by the Milwaukee Public Library in a TikTok video, showcase the vast resources available at public libraries.
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