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Quote From Frederick Buechner: Your vocation in life is where your greatest joy meets the world’s greatest need.

24 Best Frederick Buechner Quotes To Honor His Life

Whether you are a person of faith, or not, may these words remind you of your power to make a meaningful difference with your life — through your vocation, in the lives of your neighbors, and in working for the joy and freedom of all.
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Quote Graphic: We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in our hands to make a difference. — Nelson Mandela

61 Best Quotes About Making a Difference In the World

Dive into these beautiful, inspirational quotes about doing good in the world — and then go out and make a difference yourself.
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A laundromat with blue cloud wallpaper

Flint Pastor Builds Laundromat To Help Families Experiencing Hygiene Poverty

Lead Pastor Robinson, of Good Church, had never considered a nearby, affordable laundry facility could be of greater importance than dinner, but he has since learned about “hygiene poverty” — or the condition of being unable to afford hygiene products — and its effects.
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Quote Graphic: "Poverty is a very complicated issue, but feeding a child isn't." — Jeff Bridges

52 Best Quotes About Poverty To Inspire Positive Change

We live in a world where poverty is a lifestyle, not a choice. Inspiring a change is the first step to changing that.
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“Whenever you see darkness, there is extraordinary opportunity for the light to burn brighter.” — Bono

39 Most Inspiring Bono Quotes About Making a Difference

As the founder of ONE and (RED), Bono has played a significant role in persuading policymakers and corporations to allocate huge swaths of money toward solving some of the most important issues facing the world.
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Muslim women's group 'Aisyiyah is helping the environment and local communities by restoring forests, tackling climate problems, and raising awareness on the need to reduce waste

Eco-friendly Eid: The Indonesian Women On A Mission To Plant Trees

Muslim women's group 'Aisyiyah is helping the environment and local communities by restoring forests, tackling climate problems and raising awareness on the need to reduce waste
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Ministers Jim Keck (left) and Juan Carlos Huertas are heading up an effort to take the money from the First-Plymouth Congregational Church’s collection plate and spend it on paying off medical debt for residents of the Near South neighborhood in which the church resides.

Loving Thy Neighbors — One Paid Medical Debt at a Time

“Will they be able to solve every person’s medical debt? No. But for those people they do, it’s life-changing.”
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Mister Fred Rogers

143 Most Inspiring Mister Rogers Quotes for Helpers

Enjoy the ultimate list of the best Mister Rogers quotes to encourage us all to fill our neighborhoods with kindness and love.
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The Confess Project

The Confess Project: Barbers Help Black Men Talk About Mental Health

The barbershop is the cornerstone of the Black male community. What better place to offer mental health counseling?
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World Hunger Quote: If you cannot feed a hundred people, then feed just on. — Mother Teresa

The 31 Best Quotes About Hunger & Feeding the Poor

These inspiring quotes remind us of the importance of acknowledging the problem of hunger and working together to fight this global justice issue.
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