Ultimate Calendar of Hispanic Holidays (2024)

Pink and orange calendar for Hispanic holidays

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With so many holidays, awareness days, education weeks, and activism months happening all year long, we’ve been slowly collecting all of these events in a private internal calendar for years.

We made our Monthly Cause Awareness Calendar publicly available earlier this year. We’ve also published:

And now we’re publishing our guide to Hispanic holidays!

Our hope is this resource will help you or your organization bring attention to these important days — not just around Hispanic Heritage Month or famous holidays like Dia De Los Muertos — but all year long.

Hispanic and Latino holidays are an important way to celebrate and honor the rich history and culture of the Hispanic community. The holidays included in this guide recognize the diverse traditions, heritage, and cultural expressions across Spanish speaking countries, encompassing both religious observances and national commemorations.

Where applicable, we’ve included resources around highlighted holidays — usually in the form of good news around particular topics, relevant quotes or recommendations, or action steps on how to make a difference. We encourage you to share them if you find them helpful.

We’ve worked hard to make this among the most comprehensive collection of Hispanic holidays and celebrations on the internet. Always double-check dates, as they may shift from year to year or country to country.

Bookmark this page and revisit it as often as you need. We’ll continue to update it and add to it over time.

Hispanic Holidays, Cultural Celebrations, and Latin American Events



Día de la Liberación / Liberation Day (Cuba) - January 1

Día de la Victoria / Victory Day (Cuba) - January 2

Día de los Reyes Mago / Three Kings Day - January 6

Epiphany Day (Dominican Republic) - January 6

Tamborrada (Spain) - January 20

Feast of Our Lady of Altagracia (Dominican Republic) - January 21

Juan Pablo Duarte Day (Dominican Republic) - January 26


Dance of the Parachicos (Mexico) - January 15 to 23

Fiestas Calle San Sebastian (Puerto Rico) - 2nd or 3rd week of January

National Festival of Folklore (Argentina) - 9-day celebration near the end of January

El Carnaval del Pais (Argentina) - Every Saturday of January and February



Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (Mexico) - February 2

Fiesta de la Virgen de Candelaria (Bolivia, Uruguay) - February 2

Día de San Blas (Paraguay) - February 3

Anniversary of the Constitution (Mexico) - 1st Monday of February

Caravana del Zorro (Guatemala) - 1st Saturday of February

Día de la Marimba (Guatemala) - February 20 

Flag Day (Mexico) - February 24

Independence Day (Dominican Republic) - February 27 


El Carnaval del Pais (Argentina) - Every Saturday of January and February



Emancipation Day (Puerto Rico) - March 22

National Day of Life, Peace, and Justice (El Salvador) - March 26

César Chávez Holiday (California, Arizona, and Texas) - March 31


Carnival / Carnaval - Festive season taking place before Lent

Las Fallas de Valencia (Spain) - March 15 to 19



Malvinas Day (Argentina) - April 2

National Heroes Day (Costa Rica) - April 11

Punta Gorda Festival (Honduras) - April 12

Pan American Day - April 14

Anniversary of the Beginning of the Independence Movement (Venezuela) - April 19

33 Patriots Day (Uruguay) - April 19

Spanish Language Day - April 23

Sant Jordi Festival (Spain) - April 23

Día del Niño (Mexico) - April 30


La Semana Santa / (Holy Week) - Week before Easter Sunday


La Feria de Abril (Spain)



La Batalla de Puebla / (Cinco de Mayo) - May 5

Mother’s Day / Día de la Madre (Spain) - 1st Sunday of May

Mother’s Day / Día de la Madre (Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala) - May 10

Mother’s Day / Día de la Madre (Most Hispanic countries) - 2nd Sunday of May

Independence Day (Paraguay) - May 15

Battle of Las Piedras (Paraguay) - May 18

Independence Day (Cuba) - May 20

The Battle of Pichincha (Ecuador) - May 24

Día de la Revolución (Argentina) - May 25

Verbana de San Juan (Paraguay) - May 28 and 29


Fiesta de los Patios (Spain) - 1st week of May

Feria de San Isidro (Honduras) - A week preceding the 3rd Saturday of May



Liberation Day (Nicaragua) - June 18

Natalicio de Artigas (Uruguay) - June 19

Feast of Corpus Christi - Thursday after Trinity Sunday

Artigas Day (Uruguay) - June 19

Father’s Day / Día del Padre - 3rd Sunday of June

Flag Day (Argentina) - June 20

Año Nuevo Andino (Bolivia) - June 21

National Day of Indigenous Peoples (Chile) - June 21

El Colacho (Spain) - Sunday after the celebration of Corpus Christi

Noche de San Juan (Spain) - June 23

Aniversario de la Batalla de Carabobo (Colombia, Venezuela) - June 24

King’s Day (Spain) - June 24

Día de San Pedro (Puerto Rico) - June 24

Haro Wine Festival (Spain) - June 28 to 30



Independence Day (Venezuela) - July 5

Independence Day (Argentina) - July 9

Guelaguetza Festival (Mexico) - 2nd Monday following July 16

Revolution Day (Nicaragua) - July 19

Independence Day (Colombia) - July 20

Natalicio del Libertador (Colombia, Venezuela) - July 25

Santiago Apóstol (Spain) - July 25

Constitution Day (Peru) - July 25

Constitution Day (Puerto Rico) - July 25

Conmemoración del asalto a Moncada (Cuba) - July 25

Revolution Day (Cuba) - July 26

Independence Day (Peru) - July 28 and 29

Nanduti Festival (Paraguay) - Held on the last weekend of July


San Fermín Festival (Spain) - July 6 to 14



Santo Domingo de Guzman Festival (Nicaragua) - August 1 to 10

Día de la Revolución Agraria (Bolivia) - August 2

Independence Day (Bolivia) - August 6

Batalla de Junin (Peru) - August 6

Batalla de Boyacá - August 7

Independence Day (Ecuador) - August 10

Feast of the Virgen de Ukrupiña - August 14

Feast of the Assumption - August 15

Mother’s Day / Día de la Madre (Costa Rica) - August 15

Restoration Day (Dominican Republic) - August 16

San Martín Day (Argentina) - August 17

National Parks Day (Costa Rica) - August 14

Independence Day (Uruguay) - August 25

La Tomatina (Spain) - Last Wednesday of August

La Raima (Spain) - Last Friday of August


Fiestas Agostinas - August 1 to 6

Festa Major de Gràcia (Spain) - 8-day celebration in August


Las Fiestas Patronales (Puerto Rico)



Feast of Nuestra Señora de la Caridad del Cobre (Cuba) - September 8

Anniversary of the Battle of San Jacinto (Nicaragua) - September 14

Independence Day (Costa Rica) - September 15

Independence Day (Ecuador) - September 15

Independence Day (Guatemala) - September 15

Independence Day (Honduras) - September 15

Independence Day (Nicaragua) - September 15

El Grito de Dolores (Mexico) - September 15

Independence Day (Mexico) - September 16

Independence Day (Chile) - September 18

Army Day (Chile) - September 19

Grito de Lares (Puerto Rico) - September 23

The Feast of Saint Michael the Archangel - September 29


Hispanic Heritage Month - September 15 to October 15

Read and share this guide on how to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month — plus, check out these Hispanic Heritage Month quotes



Children’s Day (El Salvador) - October 1

Combate de Angamos (Peru) - October 8

Independencia de Guayaquil (Ecuador) - October 9

Grito de Yara (Colombia) - October 10

National Day of Spain / Independence Day (Spain) - October 12

Día de La Raza (Most Hispanic countries) - October 12

National Latinx AIDS Awareness Day - October 15

El Señor de los Milagros (Peru) - October 18

Anniversary of the 1944 Revolution (Guatemala) - October 20

Mother’s Day / Día de la Madre (Argentina) - 3rd Sunday of October

Reformation Day (Chile) - October 31


Festival Internacional Cervantino - 1st three weeks of October


Hispanic Heritage Month - September 15 to October 15

Read and share this guide on how to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month — plus, check out these Hispanic Heritage Month quotes

Native American Heritage Month

‍Read and share this guide on how to celebrate Native American Heritage Month



Día de los Angelitos (Mexico) - November 1

Día de Todos los Santos / All Saints’ Day - November 1

Skach Koyl Day (Guatemala) - November 1

Día de Los Muertos / Day of the Dead - November 2

Independencia de Cuenca (Ecuador) - November 3

Independence Day (Panama) - November 3

Flag Day (Panama) - November 4

Colón Day (Panama) - November 5

National Pupusa Day (El Salvador) - 2nd Sunday of November

Constitution Day (Dominican Republic) - November 6

Primer Grito de Independencia de la Villa de Los Santos (Panama) - November 10

Feast of Nuestra Señora de la Divina Providencia (Puerto Rico) - November 19

Discovery of Puerto Rico Day - November 19

Mexican Revolution Day - November 20

Feast of Nuestra Señora de La Paz - November 21

Día de Santa Cecilia - November 22

San Miguel Carnival (El Salvador) - Last Saturday of November



Constitution Day (Spain) - December 6

Día de las Velitas / Day of the Little Candles (Colombia) - December 7

La Quema del Diablo (Guatemala) - December 7

La Immaculada Concepción de María - December 8

Batalla de Ayacucho (Peru) - December 9

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe - December 12

National Mourning Day (Panama) - December 20

Noche de Rabanos (Mexico) - December 23

Noche Buena - December 24

Día de los Inocentes / Feast of the Holy Innocents (Mexico, El Salvador, Spain, Venezuela) - December 28

Els Enfarinats (Spain) - December 28


Las Posadas - December 16 to 24

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‍Is this list missing a holiday or awareness week/month? Let us know. We want to ensure this list is comprehensive and inclusive.

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