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A man stands next to a boat

Landmark court ruling allows island fishing community to sustainably manage state park services in Brazil

For the first time in Brazil, a traditional community has been awarded the concession to manage and operate visitor facilities inside a state conservation unit.
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A photo collage of hands holding a plant in the soil, a building, a sign in support of LGBTQIA+ people and equal access to IVF, a construction site, and a sea lion underwater

Good News This Week: June 8, 2024 - Parks, Pride, & the Olympics

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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Three Gen Z girls smile at a table. Beside them is a tall stack of pizza boxes.

How to get Gen Z to care about politics? Throw a nationwide pizza party

Organizers in cities across the country will hold pizza parties as a way to get Gen Z voters to learn more ahead of the 2024 election.
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A beach in Ocean City, Maryland, with umbrellas, towels, and beach goers dotted throughout the sand.

Once dubbed 'Ocean S****y,' this vacation spot is on track to become the first zero-waste resort town in America

A coastal beach town in the Northeast is trying to clean up its trashy reputation by going green.
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A sign to a room that says 'Alaska Gasline Development Corporation'

Eight young Alaskans sue to block massive gas pipeline construction over climate concerns

The plaintiffs, who range in age from 11 to 22, say the pipeline will contribute to climate change that harms their ability to access fish, wildlife, and natural resources
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Two images. On the left, a map showing a tornado over the Northwestern Arkansas region. On the right, Maggie Rogers wears a white shirt, with her short, blond wavy hair sitting naturally.

Rogers in Rogers: As Arkansans rebuild from deadly tornadoes, Maggie Rogers & fans donate supplies

After a devastating tornado struck northern Arkansas over Memorial Day weekend, Maggie Rogers used her tour stop to gather donations and advocate for the community.
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Ms Rachel smiles and waves in front of a Progress Pride Flag

Ms Rachel stands by Pride Month post after backlash: "There is no 'except' in 'love your neighbor'"

Backlash and boycotts bandied about after beloved children’s icon Ms Rachel made a celebratory Pride Month post, and her follow up video continued a call for “respect” and “empathy” for all families.
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Rainbow colored calendar for June's awareness month

June: Awareness Months & Holidays for Causes

The ultimate calendar of June’s awareness days, national months, and more...
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A photo collage of a main road, a man checking a mannequin baby's vitals, an old team photo of the Homestead Grays, and a shot of a desert terrain

The best good news stories you may have missed this week — June 1, 2024

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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Dylan Mulvaney -- a blonde transgender woman -- in two seperate TikTok screenshots. Text on the screenshots: "But I am in fact the most gullible person in the world" and "So I would like to use their hate and ignorance for something of better use."

A transphobic politician made Dylan Mulvaney the butt of a joke on Cameo — now she's saving lives on the same platform

All eyes are on Dylan Mulvaney after Rick Becker’s Cameo stunt, so she’s turning the attention towards a good cause: Save The Children.
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Amari Shepherd stands behind a podium

$9 million in scholarships and 162 college acceptances! Did 17-year-old Amari Shepherd set an all-time record for a high school graduate?

May has been quite the month for Amari Shepherd, 17. With a GPA of 4.86, she gave the valedictory speech at KIPP New Orleans’s Frederick A. Douglass High School’s graduation ceremony May 17.
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A photo collage of a group of islands, a turtle, a truck full of coal, a ferret, and a container ship in the ocean

Good News This Week: May 25, 2024 - Turtles, Ferrets, & Clean Energy

Your weekly roundup of the best good news worth celebrating...
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