Good News About Ending War & Conflict

Even in the midst of heartbreak and injustice, there are always people fighting for peace and an end to conflict

Mohammad Agha Mohammadi poses in front of the camera with a subtle smile

Sponsor Circle Opens Hearts and Homes To Afghan Refugees

Mr. Mohammadi is one of more than 80,000 Afghans airlifted to the United States after Afghanistan fell to the Taliban last August. He is also one of nearly 360 Afghans being helped through the Sponsor Circle Program for Afghan refugees, a pioneering resettlement program.
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Doves representing positive peace

Can We Tell History Through the Lens of Peacemaking Instead of War?

To bring peace to the frontlines, we first need a proper understanding of what peacemakers do and how they do it. Peace is commonly framed as passive, but the institute aims to dissolve the dichotomy of war and peace, which disregards the conscious act of building peace.
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Peace bird illustrated with colorful art

Reclaiming Art After Centuries of Violence & Colonialism

Art is a tool for resistance, yes, but it is also a tool for peace, reconciliation, and healing in response to histories of colonization, violence, and corruption.
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Sign on a historic building that says Refugees Welcome

The 7 Countries Accepting the Most Ukrainian Refugees

To determine which countries have taken in the most people fleeing Ukraine since fighting broke out on February 24, Stacker compiled refugee data from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.
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Art being sold on the Etsy of a Ukrainian seller, and a portrait of her from her profile

Meet One Ukrainian Etsy Seller Creating In The Midst of Conflict

This Etsy seller gives us a look into life in Ukraine during the ongoing conflict — and what she's doing with her influx of new sales.
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Ukrainian refugee Varvara, 8, attends the St Patrick's Day Parade with her uncle Andriy Koslovskyi in the Irish capital Dublin

For Ukraine's Refugee Children, Schools Promise a Fresh Start

Europe's schools are working to make space for more than 1.5 million children fleeing the war in Ukraine.
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The author grabbing a meal with other (blurred out) refugees

How To Become a Refugee in 3 Days

A voice in the dark – “wake up, we need to go.” You cannot think where you’re supposed to go at 5 a.m., you’ve worked in war zones but you were never there when the bombing started. This is how it feels you think, while finding it hard to believe that around you there’s a war.
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Ilwad Elman

Daughter of Peace: Ilwad Elman Is Creating Hope In Somalia

Almost 20 years after leaving Somalia, Ilwad returned to her home country and is now responsible for designing and overseeing the peace and human rights programs at the nonprofit her parents founded in 1990, called Elman Peace.
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A priest welcoming a refugee wearing a Ukrainian flag

Through Online Platforms, Thousands Open Their Homes to Ukraine’s Refugees

Airbnb-style home sharing is changing what it means to be displaced.
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wind farm off the coast of england

Europe Sizes Up Renewables To Reduce Reliance on Russian Gas

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “might be the biggest stimulus to the rollout of renewables that the continent has ever had”
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