Ms. Rachel's charity Cameos sold out in hours; raised $50k for kids in war-torn Gaza, Sudan, Ukraine

Three close-up images of a smiling Ms Rachel in a pink t-shirt and denim overalls, speaking into the camera for a charity initiative. She wears a pink headband and expresses gratitude for support, discusses fundraising activities, and addresses rights violations needing attention. Each frame includes subtitles reflecting her speech.

In an age where it seems like there are TikTok and YouTube personalities for every kind of viewer, most parents are probably very familiar with the upbeat and cheery voice of the iconic Ms. Rachel.

Rachel Accurso, a children’s entertainment personality, who affectionately refers to her fans as her “little ones,” reaches over 9 million subscribers on YouTube. Here, she shares fun and engaging lessons for infants, toddlers, and preschool-aged viewers to help reach developmental milestones.

One core tenant of Ms. Rachel’s content? That all children deserve access to the resources they need to thrive. 

Ms Rachel in a pink t-shirt and denim overalls speaks directly to the camera in a social media video about fundraising efforts for children in Gaza and Ukraine. She wears a pink headband and her caption text mentions supporting the Children's Emergency Fund.
Photos courtesy of Ms. Rachel/Instagram

This is not the case in places like Gaza, Sudan, and Ukraine, where children face threats of violence, lack access to essentials, and navigate famine, disease, and more.

So, on Mother’s Day this weekend, Accurso announced a fundraising idea to do her part to help: “Messages for Littles to Help Littles.”

She would set up a profile on Cameo, a site that allows users to buy personalized videos from celebrities and influencers. 

“The idea is: I’ll make videos for little ones and all the money raised on my end will go to Save the Children’s Emergency Fund, which will go to children living in conflict,” Accurso explained. 

Working in partnership with Cameo, she launched her account in the afternoon of May 13 — and sold out in just a few hours.

With 500 videos, priced at $100 apiece, Accurso raised $50,000.

A joyful Ms Rachel in a pink t-shirt and denim overalls waves excitedly in a social media profile for charity efforts. She is collaborating with Cameo to raise money for Save the Children's Emergency Fund, helping children in Gaza, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ukraine, and more. The description under her video highlights that all her proceeds and tips will go directly to the fund, and she is committed to recording messages to raise awareness about children's rights and the violations of these rights, emphasizing the need for clean water, healthy food, safety, medical care, and education for all children.
Photo courtesy of Ms. Rachel/Cameo

“Every penny on my end will go to Save the Children to help children facing unimaginable circumstances,” Accurso shared on Instagram, clarifying that this includes the fee she receives from the videos, plus any tips she receives. 

“I’m so excited to talk to my precious friends!”

Accurso also shared on social media that she would record these 500 videos and would then reopen her Cameo for more requests, continuing to raise funds for children in need.

A notification message stating "Ms Rachel is currently unavailable. Follow Ms Rachel, and we'll let you know as soon as they're back." with a prominent purple "Follow" button against a dark background.
Photo courtesy of Cameo

The Save the Children Emergency Fund helps children in Gaza, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ukraine, and more. Accurso is listed publicly as an ambassador for the international nonprofit, as well.

In her Cameo profile, Accurso said she hopes to “raise awareness about children’s rights and violations of these rights.”

“May all children have clean water, healthy food, a safe place to live, medical care, education and be protected from violence,” she continued.

In a social media post, Accurso also called for an end to the violence around the globe.

“We should be ashamed of how children around the world are suffering,” she said, “when we could wrap each and every one up in love.”

You can “follow” Ms. Rachel on Cameo to be notified when she begins accepting more video requests.

Header images courtesy of Ms. Rachel/Instagram

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