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Chaotic symbols like a crying emoji, rainbow, and zig-zagging arrows accompany the words "How To Feel Good About Voting When Things Are Looking Bad"

How To Feel Good About Voting When Things Are Looking Bad

Experts say U.S. voters are feeling disillusioned about the upcoming election. They also say there's hope.
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An illustration of Congressman Maxwell Frost on a blue background, with the text "Florida Congressman Maxwell Frost on Gen Z's Future in American Politics"

Why Rep. Maxwell Frost Is Hopeful About Gen Z's Future in Politics

The first Gen Z member of Congress on organizing from a place of love — and advocating for the need to make running for office more accessible for young people.
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Beyoncé, dressed in cowboy attire with a sash labeled "Cowboy Carter" rides a galloping white horse while carrying an American flag.

With Beyoncé's launch of 'Cowboy Carter', the country music genre may finally break free from the stereotypes that have long dogged it

With “Texas Hold 'Em,” Beyoncé became the first Black woman to have a No. 1 song on the country charts. At the same time, country music stations like KYKC in Oklahoma initially refused to play the record because it was “not country.”
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Sheryl Lee Ralph stands on stage at TED2023

9 Best TED Talks To Watch During Women's History Month

This Women's History Month, learn from some of the world's most daring women leaders — and their TED Talks.
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An illustration of two pieces of paper ripped in half; one side reads "president," the other reads "first lady."

Meet The First Lady Who Transformed Her Title — And Then Quit

Irina Karamanos Adrian took on her role with the intention of stepping down as soon as she transformed what it meant to be a First Lady.
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Irina Karamanos Adrian stands on stage, wearing a lilac pantsuit

In Conversation With the Former First Lady of Chile, Irina Karamanos Adrian

In an exclusive interview, the former First Lady discusses the impact of dissolving the institutional position, challenges gender stereotypes, and advocating for a more nuanced political discourse.
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A variety of Bombas socks on a colorful background

I've Worn Bombas Socks Exclusively for 8 Years. Here's My Review.

While I have a few big critiques, I created this guide to help people on the fence about whether or not to pay a premium for Bombas socks. 
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Silhouette of a veteran in front of a colorful abstract sky

What To Say Instead of Thanking a Veteran for Their Service

When we as a society look at veterans as help cases, we end up perpetuating the problem.
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An illustration of Daphne Frias: A Latina woman with short brown hair, in a wheelchair

Disability & Climate Justice: A Q&A with Daphne Frias

Grassroots activist, community organizer, and cancer survivor Daphne Frias discusses her experiences with disability rights, climate justice, and studying public health.
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Hannah Ritchie stands on red stage in front of the red TED Talks logo

Hannah Ritchie of Our World in Data: On Good News & How To Make a Difference

In honor of the release of Hannah Ritchie’s TED Talk from TED 2023, we’re sharing our interview with her.
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Who am I when no one else is around?

The Pandemic Presented a Unique Opportunity for LGBTQ+ Folks To Be Themselves

I am one of the many ‘Pandemic Turned Me Gay’ case studies.
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A meme of a hand above a blue button labeled "$5 TB tests". "Danaher (if they're cool)"

14 Best Memes About Danaher & TB from John Green & Activists

Along with John Green, activists are spreading the word with memes to pressure Danaher to lower the cost of its tuberculosis tests.
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