Brooke Shaden — Art as a Mirror for the Creator and Observer


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Is the process of creating art more about becoming a mirror for the creator or the observer? Fine art photographer Brooke Shaden has explored this question for the better portion of her life and found the nuanced answer inside her own powerful story.

As a self-portrait artist who emphasizes surrealism and imagination, Brooke has spent years becoming the characters of dreams inspired by a childhood of intense curiosity and fear. After studying films for years in college, she realized her love of storytelling was universal — and started writing as well as pouring into international travel.

Brooke’s additional love of motivational speaking, writing, and education led her to bring the Promoting Passion Convention to life — a series of hands-on workshops, lectures, and creative panel discussions dedicated to helping artists make a difference with their passion. She’s also responsible for starting The Light Space — a photography school for survivors of human trafficking in India and Thailand.

In this conversation, Branden and Brooke hash out the belief that the greatest gift an artist has is to promote passion and share your unique self.

The act of giving someone the tool of storytelling will change the world.
— Brooke Shaden

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