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At the age of 27, Kate Manser was working at Google when she had a number of people close to her die young and unexpectedly. It sent her into a tailspin of fear and anxiety, processing her own death one day. That is, until she slowly pivoted toward seeing these tragedies and her new awareness of her own impending death as an opportunity to live as fully as her loved ones had.

She’s since turned this self-awakening into a movement called You Might Die Tomorrow that reminds people around the world that we’re not promised tomorrow, so we need to live fully today. You may have seen her Installation at Burning Man, or perhaps you’ve seen one of her stickers on a random wall, sign, or car that simply says, “You Might Die Tomorrow”.

In this episode, Branden and Kate discuss how we can allow death to make us less selfish, how to make decisions easier, and what it looks like to live every day like it’s your last.



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