Pantsuit Politics — Setting Out to Find the Nuance Again


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Sarah Stewart Holland (a progressive) and Beth Silvers (a conservative) became friends in 1999 and haven’t recovered since. Sarah, a professional blogger and social media consultant, and Beth, a human resources executive and yoga teacher, challenged the notion that talking news with your politically opposite college friend is always messy. What evolved out of their friendship was Pantsuit Politics — a podcast that has someone on the right (Beth) and someone on the left (Sarah) having conversations with the goal of listening to each other first and talking politics second.

In this conversation, Branden, Beth and Sarah, talk about bringing a distinctly women-centered perspective to the conversations happening around politics, intending only to learn from each other rather than walking into the discussions trying to win.

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An essential element of nuance is that we never have to all agree to take a step forward. Anything good is hard. If you’re not sweaty than you probably aren’t doing it right.
— Sarah Stewart Holland, Pantsuit Politics

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