The Best Good News From Around the World

Despite the heartbreak, there is still a lot of positive news and reasons to remain hopeful — all over the world

Newspaper That Says Good News !

The Best Good News Stories From 2022 (So Far)

Feel more hopeful about 2022 with Good Good Good's roundup of the best positive news of the year — continually being updated.
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Illustration of global health organizations portrayed as doctors checking on the Earth

Best Good News in Global Health From 2021 & 2022

The pandemic wasn't the only area we saw progress as it relates to global health — but it was the catalyst for a number of the year's best good news stories.
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Happy Faces

5 Good News Stories About Happiness

Happiness serves as a revolutionary means to survival, but it is also an indicator that a country, group, or region is doing good in the world. These five stories will help shed some light onto happiness research across the globe.
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Abstract illustrating representing mental health

Positive Mental Health News Stories (2022)

The stigma surrounding mental health is still heartbreakingly present in our day-to-day lives — but in 2021 we made more progress than ever before in breaking down that stigma.
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Person using google on a laptop in a coffee shop

Google's Top Searches of 2021 Pointed Us To Good News (In the Midst of Bad News)

2021’s most-searched included themes of reflection, healing, and pulling together. Plus support for the LGBTQ+ community and mental health.
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An illustration of a small business storefront

7 Good News Stories About Small Businesses

Running a small business isn't easy. Our culture rewards big, winner-take-all businesses. But small businesses are valuable. By their nature, they have a focus deeper than just profit. These stories celebrate small businesses doing good — and the people who support them.
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