The Best Good News of 2021

Despite the heartbreak, this year was filled with positive news and reasons to remain hopeful — all over the world

A teen girl smiling in a science lab

8 Kids Making a Difference & Changing the World (2021)

A roundup of the most inspiring youth who found creative ways to make a difference in 2021.
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Best Good News From 2021

The Best Good News Stories From 2021

The ultimate list of the best good news stories from the year 2021.
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Elephant Herd

Reasons To Be Happy: Good Animal News from 2021

2021 may have been the year we saw the first inclinations that longtime wildlife conservation and protection efforts were really paying off: for turtles, rhinos, tigers, pandas, bald eagles, and more.
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COVID-19 vaccine and vaccination card

7 Pieces of Coronavirus Good News from 2021

As we head into our third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, what hopeful moments can we look back on for a sense of encouragement?
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Calendar that says "Good News 2021" with colorful art illustrated on top

16 Positive Good News Stories from December 2021

As we rounded out the year 2021, we're looking back on the best good news stories from December. While this year or this month have been filled with heartbreak, pain, and injustice — there have still been so many stories worth celebrating.
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Person using google on a laptop in a coffee shop

Google's Top Searches of 2021 Pointed Us To Good News (In the Midst of Bad News)

2021’s most-searched included themes of reflection, healing, and pulling together. Plus support for the LGBTQ+ community and mental health.
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