Social Media for Good

Stories of the ways social media is being used to make a positive difference and help people

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These 5 Accounts are Using Social Media For Good

To celebrate how far we’ve come and how folks are using social media to help each other, we’re highlighting five of the people who are using it for compassion and community...
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Collage of the top LGBTQ+ influencers

15 LGBTQ+ Influencers and Creators Making a Difference

One of the best ways we can support our LGBTQ+ community members is by uplifting their voices. Here are a handful of incredible LGBTQ+ creators and leaders to follow today.
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Dylan Mulvaney Is Celebrating Her First Pride As A Trans Woman

Dylan Mulvaney is TikTok's sweetheart, documenting her journey into girlhood. Read more about her very first Pride Month as a trans woman!
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John and Hank Green's 'Project for Awesome' Raises Millions

YouTubers and "Nerdfighters" have raised more than $17M to make a difference and "decrease world suck."
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John Green and Hank Green smiling together on the 2022 Project for Awesome livestream

2022's 'Project for Awesome' Raised $3M for Charity in 48 Hours

In just two days, the Project for Awesome raised over $3 million for charity — breaking the record for all of the group's previous fundraising events. Thousands of community members from around the world tuned in and made donations.
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Positive News FAQ

Positive News Sources: 18 Things You Should Know

We fancy ourselves as good news experts — and we compiled this list of some of the most common questions people have about good news.
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