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Best Good News From 2021

The Best Good News Stories From 2021

The ultimate list of the best good news stories from the year 2021.
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An illustrated arrow pointing upward, in reference to the rise of women-owned businesses

More Women Are Becoming Entrepreneurs Than Ever

A report commissioned by American Express found that, between 2014 and 2019, the number of women-owned businesses climbed 21 percent to a total of nearly 13 million.
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An Illustrated Tweet of WeRateDogs Holding a Good Newspaper

Popular 'WeRateDogs' Twitter Raises Millions For Pets

“Within the first year it was pretty clear that the account had some serious influence, and we were trying to figure out a way to give back to the amazing community.”
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Light blue background with blue colored wave illustrations at the bottom and #TeamSeas logo overlay

#TeamSeas: YouTubers Raised $30 Million To Remove 30 Million Pounds of Trash From the Ocean

TeamSeas — an initiative from popular YouTubers Mr. Beast and Mark Rober — asked content creators to use their influence to raise awareness about the current state of our oceans and raise $30 million dollars to take 30 million pounds of trash out of the waters.
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k-pop group BTS

K-pop & BTS Fans Are Shaping Politics & Social Justice for Good

K-pop fans are a force for good to be reckoned with.
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Light coming through a foggy forest

Researchers Have Found a Creative Way To Save Forests: They're Letting Trees Tweet

The tweeting tree’s messages are based on data from a suite of sensors on and around its trunk, using a real-time approach to tree monitoring pioneered by Witness Tree’s inspiration and sister project
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