For a Valentine's Day donation, this animal shelter will write your ex's name on a dog poop bag

A brown dog sits next to a pink poop bag with the name "Chad" written on it. Two Facebook comments surround them.

This Valentine’s Day, the Nebraska Humane Society — which has become well-known for its hilarious social media antics — is looking to help animal lovers turn their “pettiness into a positive.”

For a small donation, the shelter is offering to write “the name of your choice” on a doggy bag. A doggy bag that will eventually contain doggy waste.

“Once our pups do their thing, we’ll do ours and send that [poop emoji] to the dump,” a social media post from the shelter said. “We won’t, however, light the bag on fire and leave it on your ex’s porch. That would just be unprofessional.”

The going rate for these bags is $15 for one, $30 for two — or $100 for as many names as a donor would like on a big ole’ trash bag that will be used in the trash cans of the shelter’s play yards.

A red and pink dog poop bag have human's names written on them in black marker
Photo courtesy of the Nebraska Humane Society

While the initiative might seem mean-spirited, it’s all in good fun.

“I’m not usually one for revenge…” a Facebook commenter wrote. “But I’m OK with this.”

While others might find it unsavory (an Instagram commenter asked, “Isn’t there a better way to get donations?”) the shelter is eager to promote the campaign to help animals in need.

“There’s lots of ways to get donations,” the shelter replied to the perturbed follower. “We’re just hoping to make people laugh a little bit and maybe get some pent up feelings out of their system.”

Other commenters on both Facebook and Instagram started rattling off creative ideas beyond shaming a doo-doo ex, like writing a politician’s name, or even decorating a kitty litter box with the same theme.

“Doesn't have to be an ex, could totally be a boss or a rude cousin,” the shelter clarified in the comment section. “We won't judge.”

Some folks had more thoughtful ideas, too.

“I’d like to do this in honor of domestic abuse victims and the beloved animals they are forced to leave behind,” one Facebook commenter shared. “Thank you for doing this!”

While the fundraiser is ongoing, presumably through Valentine’s Day next week, the Humane Society told social media users that it will share updates to its account. 

Judging by the outpouring of laughs and discourse, this fundraiser has the potential to be one for the books (and the dump).

“Tell us how you really feel,” the NE Humane Society wrote in its caption, ending with a call to action. “Visit our website and turn your feelings into help for animals in need.”

Header image courtesy of the Nebraska Humane Society/Facebook

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