Bakers Unite To Provide 200 Easter Cookie Kits After Nashville Shooting

Boxes of homemade cookies and decorations

The Instagram page for LAYERED, a licensed home bakery in Nashville, Tennessee, is usually full of light and airy photos of pastel-iced sugar cookies, celebratory cakes, and other sweet treats.

But the other day, when owner Sarah Wilson made a video asking for help, there was a shift from the page’s usually bright disposition.

“I know all of our hearts are hurting for Covenant,” she says in a video. “We all want to do something and help, and we don’t know how.” 

Instagram post with a caption that says: Easter Cookie decorating kits for Covenant School families. Let me know if you can help! Let me know if you are a family wanting them.

Wilson is referring to the recent mass shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville, where a shooter opened fire and killed six people, including three nine-year-old students. 

“I would love to provide Easter cookie decorating kits for any of the families who want one,” Wilson continues, tears welling in her eyes. 

“Calling all bakers, anyone who wants to put together a box, anyone who wants to fill a bag with buttercream, to fill a bag with sprinkles, I know they can feel our love through all of this and this is just one more way we can all come together.” 

Bakers work together to create cookie dough in Nashville kitchen
Photo courtesy of LAYERED

Since her request for community support, Wilson has had bakers help make cookies, deliver buttercream to her porch, and even supply gluten-free cookies, so she can accommodate all of the families who want a kit.

“Even bakers I’m connected to out of town have filled up my Venmo,” Wilson shared in an email with Good Good Good. “I have had an enormous outpouring from friends and strangers who are providing things and showing up to volunteer.

Her plan is to finish up 200 cookie kits before the holiday.

Kit of cookies and frosting
Photo courtesy of LAYERED

“I believe there is so much healing in creating things that are beautiful and gathering around a table with food,” Wilson also shared.

“I hope these cookie kits do just that. These kids can find a little normal, a little joy, a little hope for their future knowing that they have a community that sees them, loves them, and will show up for them in unexpected ways to walk beside them in their pain.” 

Wilson is closely connected to friends, neighbors, customers, and families in the Covenant School community, so this desire to use her sweet tooth for good is even more meaningful than meets the eye.

Box of cookies with a note tat says Layered Bakeshop
Photo courtesy of LAYERED

“I have so many close connections to Covenant,” she shared. “Most of all, I was inspired by our youth minister, who reminded us all that if we have any power in this world, we should use it to look for who is hurting among us or needs to be seen or lifted up, and use that power for them.” 

While Wilson seems to have all the helping hands she needs for this project, supporters can explore her previous work — and maybe fill a craving or two — by visiting her Instagram page or digital bakeshop.

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April 7, 2023 5:15 PM
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