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Gun Safety Helpers 2022

Helpers 2022: Activists & Leaders Who Will End Gun Violence

Every year, The Helpers Edition of the Goodnewspaper highlights inspiring helpers in a number of categories. In this post we’re celebrating helpers in the Gun Reform category.
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Ann Patchett standing with her dog in Parnassus Books

Nashville Bookstore Offers Solace To Community After Shooting

Nashville’s Parnassus Books offers a comforting space for community healing after a devastating school shooting, exemplifying the power of unity and support in times of grief.
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Gun Violence Quote Graphic: If arming more people meant that we would be safer, we would be the safest country on earth. — Shannon Watts

29 Quotes About Gun Violence To Inspire Change

We need to create awareness of what we are living in our country every day. We can't just accept and continue living with the gun violence that surrounds us. The time to change must be now.
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@Dexter345 on Twitter: My wife inherited an estimated $20,000 - $30,000 worth of guns. (This is only maybe a quarter of it.) We could have sold them but she decided to do something way more metal. She had them sawed into pieces so they can be melted down and fashioned into gardening tools.

'Swords to Plows': This Nonprofit is Turning Guns into Garden Tools

While not a perfect solution on their own, gun buyback events can help reduce gun violence — especially when the guns are dismantled on the spot, and donated to be made into a tool for peace instead.
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This Nigerian Imam Saved Christians from Gunmen

Hundreds of families fled their Christian community to a neighboring Muslim community when they came under attack by about 300 armed men who began shooting sporadically and burning down homes. An imam in the community rushed to aid the families, hiding more than 250.
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Boxes of homemade cookies and decorations

Bakers Unite To Provide 200 Easter Cookie Kits After Nashville Shooting

Discover how a Nashville bakery is uniting a community after a tragedy with Easter cookie kits. 🍪❤️ Find out how you can help too!
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