This Fitness Coach Fosters Inclusive Wellness For Fangirls

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When Robyn Warren was a health and physical education teacher in the New York City public school system, she realized that engaging her students through fan-inspired twists made them a lot more excited about wellness. 

With Hunger Games-themed gym class games, and language like “single-player and group programs,” she found her own superpower: Helping geeks and nerds like herself evolve their relationships with their bodies and wellness.

What is Geek Girl Strong? 

Warren founded her health coaching and wellness brand Geek Girl Strong in 2015, which now operates out of Philadelphia. 

Her focus is on girls, women, and non-binary clients, intentionally building multidimensional health knowledge in social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, sexual, occupational, intellectual, and physical modalities. 

Robyn Warren. Photo courtesy of Be Abstrakt Photography

While Warren does coach clients one-on-one, she also offers a wealth of workshops, events, Patreon programming, and more both online and IRL. 

Philadelphia residents can attend her Fangirl Health Club fitness classes or join the Fangirl Walking Club to explore geeky spots like comic book shops. Patreon supporters can also access themed recipe cards, or even join virtual dance parties.

Warren encourages joyful movement and meaningful lifestyle shifts; not just weight loss or diet overhauls. Her social media feeds are filled with engaging challenges that include helpful modifications for anyone at any place in their fitness journey.

@geekgirlstrong I’ve yet to trick my brain into enjoying creating content specifically for social media, but boy do I still love making movement demos for our community. So here’s look into some of the modifications that I share on Patreon, along with our themed recipes, health coaching check ins, and of course the private Discord server. 💜 #geekgirlstrong #geekgirltok #fangirling #athomeworkout #redefineexercise #modifications ♬ Super Mario (Trap Remix) - Trap Remix Guys

“I believe that no one should have to choose between being the athlete and the nerd,” Warren shares on the Geek Girl Strong website.

“I live at the intersection of a lot of different communities, including being an athlete, a nerd, a Black woman, and a first-generation American, so I sought to create a health and wellness space inviting to nerds, geeks, and bodies of all kinds.” 

By incorporating the stories, video games, music, and media other geeky girls love, Warren has found a sweet spot where movement, modifications, and education can be accessible to those who have long distrusted and disliked wellness systems.

“My goal is to help kids, women, and non-binary people realize that they are the superheroes they thought they would only read about,” Warren says. Geek Girl Strong gets to be their “trusty sidekick.” 

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July 28, 2023 9:10 AM
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