Dog Influencers Deliver Holiday Magic By Giving 2,000 Gifts To Shelter Animals in Need

Screenshots of posts from Good Boy Ollie's Instagram account

If you’ve ever found yourself scrolling through adorable dog videos on TikTok or Instagram, you’ve surely come across Good Boy Ollie, a chocolate lab with a slightly graying beard who appears to have a British accent.

Last year, Ollie (and his owner, Alex Morgan) shared an advent calendar full of adorable activities, culminating in the reveal of a baby brother, Potato: a yellow lab puppy who goes by ‘Tato’ for short. 

Since then, the dynamic doggie duo has continued their shenanigans for an audience of millions (1.9 million followers on Instagram and 6.8 million followers on TikTok).

An older chocolate lab and a yellow lab puppy sit in front of a Christmas tree in red tartan bow ties
Good Boy Ollie met his brother, Tato, during last year's advent calendar series. Photo courtesy of @good.boy.ollie/Instagram

This year, the animal influencers upped the ante of their holiday tradition and included a major donation drive for shelter animals for the National Animal Welfare Trust Berkshire

In late November, Morgan posted to the pup’s Instagram account, calling for donations.

“Before we get too excited for all of our advent calendar fun, we need your help,” the post reads. “We’ve put together an Amazon wishlist full of things that will benefit the animals and office at Trindledown Farm. Thank you all for your generosity already, we are blown away by the kindness shown.” 

Trindledown Farm is NAWT Berkshire’s headquarters, where animal lovers care for rescued animals, from dogs, cats, and bunnies, to horses, alpacas, and more.

And Ollie and Tato’s followers brought the spirit of the holidays to all of the farm’s animals this season.

On December 17, Morgan shared a video of the boys delivering their stockpile of gifts to the animal rescue organization. With the help of a few brand partnerships and loads of donations from followers, the good boys delivered 2,000 gifts to the center.

@good.boy.ollie Santa Paws visits @Trindledown Farm 🦙 ♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) - Danilo Stankovic

“The staff at NAWT Berkshire take such incredible care of every single animal at their center and they could not be more deserving,” Morgan wrote in the post’s caption. “We feel so lucky to be able to have a community that helps us help others.”

In the video, Ollie and Tato are their usual selves, frolicking among alpacas and trying to steal a few toys for themselves. But behind the scenes, a lot more effort went into coordinating this massive donation.

“We opened every thousand-plus package and logged every single item,” an Instagram story post shared. “At first the boys didn’t understand that all of these goodies weren’t for them.”

Morgan also had the help of another human: Alex, the Amazon delivery driver.

“He delivered the majority of the Amazon boxes, and quickly realized that we wouldn’t fit them all into our cars,” Morgan shared on an Instagram story. “So he came to our house on his day off work, packed his van full, and drove with us all the way to the rescue. What an amazing, generous person.”

A screenshot of a Reel posted on Instagram by @good.boy.ollie
A screenshot of a Reel posted on Instagram by @good.boy.ollie

In addition to these behind-the-scenes details, Morgan also shared some more information about the center’s available pets, urging followers to adopt a dog.

Commenters poured in on Ollie and Tato’s video on both Instagram and TikTok to congratulate the boys on a job well done — and commend all of the humans who made it happen.

“I can hardly believe how many gifts Ollie and Tato had to deliver,” one Instagram user wrote. “What an incredible act of service!”

“Amazing work,” another Instagram follower commented. “Well done boys and everyone who donated!”

“Ollie and Tato have hearts of gold,” another Instagram user said. “But their owner is a true saint.”

“Thank you for paying it forward,” a TikTok commenter chimed in. “All fur babies deserve to be loved and safe!”

Header images courtesy of @good.boy.ollie/Instagram

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