The Goodnewspaper Now Available on Libby for All Library Card Holders

Three iPhone screenshots of The Goodnewspaper available inside the Libby app, viewable in different formats

Good Good Good is excited to announce that the Goodnewspaper is now available at libraries around the world via Libby and OverDrive.

Effective immediately, thousands of library-lovers can access every issue of the Goodnewspaper — past, present, and future — at no cost.

Three iPhone screenshots of The Goodnewspaper available inside the Libby app, viewable in different formats

The Goodnewspaper is the monthly print newspaper filled with good news. Thousands of subscribers get the Goodnewspaper delivered to their homes every month. And now, hundreds of thousands more people will have access to good news in a digital format.

This service is made possible by Good Good Good’s paying subscribers. Revenue from Goodnewspaper subscriptions has always gone towards helping share good news — and now the impact of subscribers is bigger than ever.

What to know:

Why did Good Good Good make the Goodnewspaper available for free?

Since its founding, Good Good Good has been mission-driven, not profit-driven. Our mission is simple: We want to help people feel more hopeful and do more good.

While our incredible monthly subscribers (who receive a beautiful print newspaper via snail mail every month!) cover the costs of our team researching, reporting, writing, designing, and sharing good news — we never wanted good news to only be accessible to people with money to spare.

Libby makes it possible for more people to find good news through their local library — regardless of personal finances.

What is Libby?

Libby is a digital platform designed to make accessing books, audiobooks, and other digital media from your local library straightforward and convenient. Created by OverDrive, it allows library card holders to borrow and enjoy digital content right from their phones, tablets, or computers. In addition to books and audiobooks, Libby connects users to a range of digital publications, ensuring that valuable magazines and newspapers, like the Goodnewspaper, are easily accessible to everyone.

For those who value sustainable and community-based alternatives, Libby stands out as a prime choice, presenting an eco-friendly and community-centered way to access literature and news. Libby is also a great alternative to buying books and audiobooks.

You can use OverDrive’s map to discover libraries near you that use Libby. Libby is available at 90% of public libraries in North America. The Goodnewspaper should be available at any library that includes Libby’s magazine package in their digital collection.

If your library doesn’t utilize Libby or Libby’s magazine package, you can kindly reach out to your library to request that they add the magazines and newspapers collection from OverDrive.

How do you access the Goodnewspaper on Libby?

Reading the Goodnewspaper via Libby is as simple as searching for “Goodnewspaper” in the app. We’ve included a step-by-step tutorial to make it easy:

Accessing the Goodnewspaper via Libby:

Find the Goodnewspaper in Libby

1. Download the Libby app

iPhone screenshot of the Libby app available in the Apple App Store

Libby is available for iOS and Android — and is also accessible via web browsers and some e-readers.

Libby is owned by OverDrive, and is also available in the OverDrive app. If your library says it uses OverDrive, they also use Libby. Generally speaking, users prefer Libby because it’s a bit easier to use.

2. Enter your library card information

An iPhone screenshot of the page in the Libby app where you enter your library card information

You can log in via your local library by entering your library card number and pin number.

If you forgot yours, you can contact your library’s customer service and they’ll be able to help take care of you quickly. And if you need a new library card, Libby may be able to direct you toward instructions on how to sign up.

3. Search for Goodnewspaper

iPhone screenshot of searching for "goodnewspaper" in the Libby app

Then, simply search for “Goodnewspaper” just like you’d search for any book or audiobook. (Search “Goodnewspaper” as one word, but searching as 2 words (“good newspaper”) will likely work too.)

Depending on your device, you may be able to follow this link directly to the Goodnewspaper’s page in Libby.

Download and read the Goodnewspaper in Libby:

4. Borrow as many issues at once as you wish, for free

iPhone screenshot of several editions of the Goodnewspaper available in the Libby app

Every issue of the Goodnewspaper is designed to be evergreen, meaning the stories will still be relevant whether you read them hot off the presses or two years later.

We highly recommend downloading two or three (or all 40+!) issues of the Goodnewspaper. You can scroll through and find some themes that stick out to you — whether it’s about sustainability, animals, art, or anything else.

The publication is set up so that there’s no limits to the number of issues you can download — and there are no holds necessary. An unlimited number of people can check it out each edition of the Goodnewspaper from each library.

5. Choose how to read the Goodnewspaper

There are two ways to read the Goodnewspaper in Libby:

Option 1: Read the Goodnewspaper visually, laid out just like the print edition. This is a great way to keep the “newspaper vibes” that are beloved by print subscribers. Flip from page to page.

iPhone screenshot of reading The Goodnewspaper in landscape mode inside the Libby app

Option 2: Read each article individually. On any page, you can click the article icon to switch to a reader view. You’ll still be able to read 100% of the words and view the art, but it will be laid out more like a blog post than a magazine.

An iPhone screenshot of the Goodnewspaper article "Meet Lily Ebert: The 98-Year-Old Holocaust Survivr And Belover TikToker" in the Libby app

And in accessibility good news, this view also makes it possible to use with screen readers.

6. Make sure to “subscribe”

An iPhone screenshot of how to attach a smart tag to The Goodnewspaper in the Libby app so you can "subscribe" to the Goodnewspaper via your local library for free

Good Good Good launches a new edition of the Goodnewspaper on the 1st of the month, every month. Libby makes it easy to ensure you never miss an issue. After you download your first Goodnewspaper, Libby will prompt you to get notified when new issues are available. It’s a smooth process and we highly recommend it.

Final notes:

Don’t hesitate to download more

As a reminder, your library should have unlimited copies of each issue of the Goodnewspaper — so please never feel shy about renewing your checkout or downloading another issue. We’re passionate about ensuring the world is filled with more good news.

Consider supporting Good Good Good

The Goodnewspaper is available in Libby thanks to the support of monthly subscribers. You can support Good Good Good’s efforts to fill the world with more good by joining the subscriber community.

We have three tiers of subscription available, depending on how much support you’d like to offer and which perks you’d like to subscribe to:

  • Digital Subscription: Support Good Good Good and get access to subscriber perks
  • Print Subscription: Support Good Good Good, get access to subscriber perks, and get a beautiful print newspaper delivered via snail mail every month
  • Community Subscription: Show even more support to Good Good Good, get access to subscriber perks, and get five copies of the Goodnewspaper delivered to you each month — so you can share with your community

If paying for a subscription isn’t in the budget right now, no sweat! We hope you keep loving the Goodnewspaper in the Libby app.

More great ways to support Good Good Good:

More questions about Libby?

Libby’s support documents are incredibly helpful for troubleshooting any issues you may have.

Thanks for celebrating good news and filling the world with more good news! — Team Good Good Good

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