OnlyPaws: Humane Society Raised $8k Selling Feet Pics On Social Media

An intentionally pixelated image of a cat paw. Only Paws: A spicy bean fundraiser for the Kansas Humane Society

With platforms like OnlyFans that make adult content creation more accessible, memes about “selling feet pics” have become commonplace online.

Even Harry Styles held up a devoted fan’s poster at a concert last year. “I sold feet pics to be here,” it said, in glittery bubble letters, the singer chuckling as he presented it to the crowd.

And you know what? Her methods worked.

The Kansas Humane Society took a page from that book earlier this year, as they created a social media fundraising campaign, playfully named “OnlyPaws,” where they would share “toe bean” photos of dogs and cats (and other cute critters) in the shelter for reaching fundraising goals.

Social media users met the campaign with enthusiasm. Photo courtesy of the Kansas Humane Society

“Times are TOUGH, and our pets need to pull their weight, so we’re selling their feet pics on the internet,” the first social media caption read. 

“For every $100 we raise, we’ll post a collection of our spiciest toe beans from a variety of species. All the money goes right back to caring for our incredibly sexy animals.” 

Their methods worked too. The shelter raked in over $8,000 throughout the campaign, praise from uproarious social media users accompanying donations.

“This is peak animal shelter marketing,” an Instagram user commented.

“This is out of control and I love it,” another chimed in.

And the humane society marketing team kept their promise. Toe beans of all varieties filled social media feeds: Dogs, cats, and even “exotic” feet, like the webbed toes of penguins and the talons of birds. 

Facebook post: OnlyPaws Photo Set #25, $2,600. You ready for that exotic stuff? We got that exotic stuff! A photo gallery shows a penguin, mouse, and bird talons.
The photos didn't stop at dog and cat paws. Photo courtesy of the Kansas Humane Society

You could practically smell the corn chips through the screen.

While social media managers might call it a risky play, the campaign paid off, toppling the team’s initial goal of raising $2,000 for the paws-itively adorable shelter pets in need. 

“We never expected the level of success or recognition we got,” KHS communications director JordanBani-Younes, said on a KWCH 12 News broadcast.

“I [was] raised here and the level of acceptance the community has had for the campaign, just helping us in general, has been phenomenal.”

The OnlyPaws fundraiser brought laughs and support alike, truly providing relief for the shelter pets in a time of overwhelm and overcrowding. 

Also serving as a call to adopt these especially good-looking pets, the shelter encouraged community members to adopt or foster — or just make sure to take good care of all the animals in their community.

“It goes toward food, vaccinations, microchipping,” Bani-Younes added on Channel 12. “It all goes back to our animals.”

Header image courtesy of the Kansas Humane Society

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May 18, 2023 12:56 PM
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