Olivia Rodrigo to donate portion of 'Guts Tour' ticket sales to end violence against women, per Dublin announcement

Screenshots of Olivia Rodrigo's Instagram stories, where she points to a donation link and shares a photo of her performing on stage in Dublin

In the wake of her popular campaign to fund abortion nonprofits on the U.S. leg of her Guts World Tour, and an exciting initiative supporting women’s shelters in Canada, Olivia Rodrigo just announced her do-good plans for Europe.

“For the entire European leg of the Guts World Tour, a portion of my proceeds from ticket sales will go to Women Against Violence Europe,” the pop star shared on her Instagram stories last night.

“WAVE’s goal is to enable all women and their children to live free from violence.”

The initiative is part of Rodrigo’s Fund 4 Good, a global fundraising project that highlights and supports the work of international nonprofits that expand girls’ education, support reproductive rights, and prevent gender-based violence.

“Fund 4 Good works to support all women, girls, and people seeking reproductive health freedom,” the singer said before taking the stage on the first night of the tour. 

The Guts World Tour has 75 stops, and her first show in Dublin last night, Rodrigo will spend a total of 29 nights performing across Europe over the next two months.

During that time, like she mentioned, her ticket sales will be shared with WAVE, a collective of over 160 member organizations across 46 European countries.

“They offer specialized services like women’s shelters, helplines, rape crisis centers, and advocacy organizations,” Rodrigo continued in her video.

She also linked to a donation page for fans across the globe, bolstering her efforts to support WAVE’s mission.

On that donation page, the WAVE Network outlines the impact of these donations. 

“Your contribution supports women and children to live free from violence,” WAVE writes on its website. 

WAVE shares that donations help the organization strengthen the capacities of its member organizations. With bolstered funds, they can support their clientele, advocate for better legislation to effectively prevent gender-based violence, support funding for women’s specialist services, and collect crucial data about those services in 46 countries. 

In the midst of the war in Ukraine, WAVE has increased its efforts to support women and children in crisis — many of whom have been displaced to new or temporary homes across the continent. 

The group’s advocacy efforts also extend to refugees and immigrants of all backgrounds, who face increased risks of violence.

“Upholding the gender-specific nature and feminist principles of these services is not merely about prioritizing women; it is about acknowledging and rectifying hundreds of years of systemic inequalities and power imbalances which perpetuate gender-based violence against women and girls today,” WAVE’s executive director Stephanie Futter-Orel and President Marcella Pirrone, wrote in the organization’s annual report.

“WAVE’s commitment to advocating for the preservation and elevation of women's specialist services remains unwavering.” 

So, while most fans flock to Rodrigo for her relatable break-up hits and sparkly aesthetic, she continues to succeed in her career full of feminist action, lifting up others who do this work on the ground every day.

Before taking the stage in Dublin, she shared one final call to action: “Join me in supporting this amazing cause: Women Against Violence Europe.”

Header images courtesy of Olivia Rodrigo/Instagram

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May 1, 2024 9:35 AM
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