Olivia Rodrigo launches reproductive rights initiative alongside Guts World Tour

Three screenshots of Olivia Rodrigo speaking in a TikTok video

Last night kicked off the first stop on Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Guts World Tour,’ in Palm Springs, California. 

Along with a “feisty” hour-and-a-half set, the (recently) 21-year-old singer debuted a meaningful initiative that will travel with her on a 75-stop tour: The Fund 4 Good.

While whispers of the initiative were first shared in the fall of 2023, Rodrigo took to her official fan account on both TikTok and Instagram yesterday to share more details.

“I’m so excited tonight is the very first show of the Guts World Tour, and before I pop on stage, I wanted to get on here and tell you about something I’m really excited about,” she shared in a video from her dressing room.

Here, she formally introduced the project.

“Fund 4 Good works to support all women, girls, and people seeking reproductive health freedom,” she said. “The fund will directly support community-based nonprofits that champion things like girls' education, support reproductive rights, and prevent gender-based violence.” 

Olivia Rodrigo: "Let's build a just future for women and girls. Olivia Rodrigo's Fund 4 Good is a global initiative committed to building an equitable and just future for women and girls through direct support of community based non-profits that champion girls' education, support reproductive rights, and prevent gender-based violence."
Photo courtesy of the Entertainment Industry Foundation

Rodrigo went on to add that a portion of all ticket sales from the Guts World Tour will go to the Fund 4 Good. 

Additionally, she added, for the North American leg of the tour, she will be partnering with the National Network of Abortion Funds “to help those impacted by healthcare barriers in getting the reproductive care they deserve.” 

The “Vampire” singer has also been praised for her empowerment of women and gender expansive folks on her tour, with all of her openers being female acts. Additionally, all of her dancers are women, transgender, or non-binary, according to the New York Times.

Rodrigo finished her video announcement by telling fans to learn more via an attached link, or by stopping by a National Network of Abortion Funds table at the various stops on her tour.

“Thank you so much for supporting this cause I care so deeply about,” she said, blowing a kiss to the camera. “I’ll see you on tour.”

While many of the comments under her TikTok video were from excited fans, eager to see her performance or get tickets to a show, many also chimed in to express their pride in the Fund 4 Good.

“I’m so glad young girls have such a wonderful role model to look up to,” one commenter wrote.

“Thank you so much for what you’re doing,” another person added. “This is why you are my idol.”

Header images courtesy of @livieshq/TikTok

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