Register to vote with Rhett & Link: YouTube duo brings back voting platform for the 2024 election

Left: the Vote Like A Beast logo. Right: Rhett and Link of "Good Mythical Morning" growl at the camera, holding their hands up like claws. They wear t-shirts that say "Vote like a beast."

As hosts of the beloved YouTube talk show “Good Mythical Morning,” Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal have been trusted Internet figureheads for over a decade.

In recent years, the two have used their good-natured humor and inclusive approach to reach their fans — affectionately called “Mythical Beasts” — about important issues. 

From hilariously informing viewers about colon cancer prevention to sharing a portion of their merch sales with nonprofits, they’ve proven that it’s possible to make entertaining content — and a difference — all at the same time.

This year, the duo has re-launched their voter registration platform: Vote Like A Beast.

Vote Like A Beast logo.
Photo courtesy of Vote Like A Beast

“Vote Like A Beast is back,” Neal excitedly announced in a recent video, “ provide you with a one-stop-shop to prepare to vote in this year’s election.”

The platform was created in partnership with and features easy steps to register to vote, confirm one’s registration status, request a mail-in ballot, learn about candidates, and more.

“You can go to right now to access nonpartisan tools to make sure you have everything you need to cast your vote and do so in a way that aligns with your point of view,” Neal continued.

Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal wear t-shirts that read "vote like a beast." They are growling at the camera and hold their hands up like claws.
Rhett and Link in 2020, launching Vote Like A Beast for the first time. Photo courtesy of Mythical Entertainment

This is not the first time the platform has been accessible to viewers. Vote Like A Beast first launched ahead of the 2020 election, registering over 23,000 new voters in a time when registration efforts were especially pointed at young voters in a contentious race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. 

It’s no surprise the same efforts are being used again for what is being called a ‘Groundhog Day’ of a presidential election in 2024.

Curbing disillusionment among young voters

While the Mythical Beast audience spans generations, a census survey from three years ago showed that the majority of Rhett and Link’s viewers fall within the 25–34 age range. 

Making up nearly one-fifth of the American electorate, voters aged 18–34 are crucial to the outcomes of this year’s elections. The only trouble? They’re feeling pretty disillusioned — if not entirely outraged — by the current political landscape. 

A screenshot of on a mobile phone
Photo courtesy of Vote Like A Beast

In a poll conducted by the Harvard Opinion Project, which surveys young American voters, 41% of respondents indicated that they “don’t believe my vote will make a real difference.” This is an increase by 3% compared to their responses in the spring of 2020.

This kind of disillusionment is understandable, amid countless political issues that may seem insurmountable to a demographic of people who have been burned before.

But there are still ways to feel good about voting — even when things are looking bad

“Voting is an individual act that has collective consequences. Voting is an opportunity for individuals to come together as a collective and express their preferences for parties, candidates, and policies,” Bridgett King, an associate professor of political science at the University of Kentucky, told Good Good Good last month.

“It is a tool that can be used to express satisfaction or dissatisfaction and communicate to those in power that both individuals and communities are paying attention to what our elected officials are — or are not — doing.”

Plus, the presidential election is not the only matter at hand. Voting in local elections can bring massive change on a smaller scale — and quickly.

Tools like Vote Like A Beast aim to reduce the barriers to civic engagement and provide young voters with the information they need to “research candidates and their stances at your local, state, and national elections,” Neal emphasized. 

A screenshot of
Photo courtesy of Vote Like A Beast

While a large percentage of young voters may not be eager to participate, they will still participate nonetheless. 

“I take voting as a very serious privilege that I gladly make,” one fan replied to a social media post about Vote Like A Beast. “I have mobility issues so I get the Arizona early mail-in ballot.”

Vote Like A Beast also has some merchandise options for voters who may fall into a more optimistic headspace, including tote bags, buttons, and bumper stickers. All profits from these items will go to 

“Need ‘I voted like a Beast’ or ‘This Mythical Beast voted today’ sticker options,” another fan replied to Mythical on X (formerly Twitter). “Please and thank you.”

No matter the sticker design or the reason someone heads out to the polls, voting is just one element of civic engagement — one that requires people-power to work.

“We need everybody to make their voice heard on the most important issues that impact all of us,” McLaughlin said in an announcement video for the platform back in 2020, mirroring the messages young voters hear today.

“You can use these tools … to bring [your] energy and passion to the ballot box with informed and thoughtful consideration.”

Header images courtesy of Vote Like A Beast/Mythical Entertainment

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