TikTok Creator Discovers Helpful iPhone Hack for Taking Care of Your Clothes

Screenshots of a TikTok video by Alesia Mora, in which she shows how to read laundry symbols on clothing tags

With clothing waste on the rise, more and more people are looking for sustainable tips on taking care of their wardrobe

That’s why TikTok creator Aleisa Mora (@wtfaleisa) was overjoyed when a friend told her about a new iPhone feature that breaks down the nuances of washing, drying, and tending to your clothes. 

“You can take a picture of the tags on your clothes, and if you have an iPhone, your phone will just tell you exactly how to take care of those clothes,” Mora said in a TikTok video. “And it’s not an app, it’s just built into the camera app. I’ll show you how it works!” 

Screenshots of a TikTok video by Alesia Mora, in which she shows how to read laundry symbols on clothing tags
Photos courtesy of Alesia Mora/TikTok

Mora went on to explain the step-by-step process, first by taking a picture of one of her clothing tags. Although many tags include warnings like “delicate” or  “machine-wash only,” tags vary in the information they provide consumers, which can make laundry days difficult. 

“As you can see, it tells you the material, how to wash it, and also, all of the icons that no one knows what they mean,” Mora said. 

Mora pointed out Apple’s Visual Look-Up feature — a lowercase “I” icon with “sparkles” beside it — which can identify certain symbols,  pets, art, and landmarks and provide users with more insight about the subject of the image. 


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“It’s going to bring up ‘Look Up Laundry Care’ so you’re going to click that and when you click it, it’s going to bring you to this really cool menu where it just tells you exactly what all the icons mean and exactly how to take care of your garment,” Mora explained. 

Mora wrapped up her tutorial by saying she was “definitely born in the right generation.” 

Alesia Mora takes a mirror selfie, wearing an all-black outfit with a short, black haircut
Alesia Mora. Photo courtesy of Alesia Mora/Instagram

“What do you mean a little rectangle in my pocket can take a picture of the tags of my clothes and tell me exactly how to take care of my clothes, without downloading an app? It’s just built into the little rectangle?” Mora asked. “That’s insane to me.” 

If you don’t have an iPhone and want help translating the symbols on your clothing tags, there are charts online that break down each icon for washing, drying, dry cleaning and more so you can love your clothes for the long haul.

Header images courtesy of Alesia Mora/TikTok

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January 8, 2024 9:16 AM
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