42 Best Sustainable Pet Products for Dogs & Cats

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A cat sits in a cat cave, a white dog sits on a sidewalk, and a white dog with brown ears sits on a wood floor
This article is presented in partnership with The Kind Pet

Americans spent $136.8 billion on their pets in 2022, according to a survey reported by Forbes. That’s up 10.68% from 2021.

There’s no shame in that game; our beloved cats and dogs deserve to be loved and spoiled! But as our furry friends are increasingly pampered, it’s important to be mindful of the kind of impact that consumption has on the earth.

According to a 2017 study, feeding dogs and cats creates the equivalent of around 64 million tons of carbon dioxide in the United States each year — approximately the same impact as 13.6 million cars on the road. 

And that’s not mentioning all of the added waste of plastic toys, litter, poop bags, and — if you’re as stylish as my dog — the (unessential) outfits and leashes. 

So, when we do spoil our babies, it’s in our best interest — and the planet’s — to find them the most eco-friendly pet products on the market. 

Besides, who wouldn’t choose a more health- and planet-forward option for their best friend? To make it a little easier, we’ve rounded up some of the best sustainable pet products out there and compiled them here

Before we get started, a couple of disclaimers: 

As you know, we’re big believers in supporting small businesses and seeking out alternatives to Amazon and other giant corporations. However, we also understand how important affordable and accessible options are, so we’ve provided as many retail options as we can find for each of these products. 

This is also your reminder to only buy what you truly need, even though those puppy dog eyes sure can be tempting! Your fluffy companions know they are loved without the latest and greatest squeaky toy — we promise. 

By the way, some of the links in this article are from our partners and affiliates, which means we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Everything in this article was independently and honestly written by the Good Good Good team. Thank you for your support!

The Best Sustainable Pet Products For All Your Furry Friends

In some of these sections, you’ll see products that have been sent to members of our team (or products we already own!) that we have reviewed for this article to help you make an even more informed purchasing decision. 

Our reviews are always honest. Receiving free products for testing never impacts our writing — and brands don’t have any influence on our writing or editorial process. 

For the products that we haven’t been able to try ourselves (yet!), we have researched their sustainability claims to provide as much helpful information as we can. We are always updating articles and testing products to provide the most up-to-date first-hand experiences for our readers. 

Dog Toys


A natural dog bone
Photo courtesy of BetterBone

BetterBone makes safe dog bones that are nylon-free and made with two natural ingredients: PEFC sustainably forested wood flour, and renewable sugarcane oil. 

Not only is this a natural and eco-friendly alternative to most mainstream nylon bones, but it’s also unflavored, making it a safe option for dogs with allergies.

It’s also reportedly splinter-resistant, and although you can throw it away when your dog is done, if you want to grind up the bone into smaller pieces, it is biodegradable over the course of five to 15 years. 

Plus, every dog bone sold plants a tree, making your BetterBone carbon-neutral! 

Our review: The Kind Pet sent my dog, Mirio, a three-year-old Shiba Inu, a BetterBone to try out. Mirio is a big bone chewer, and I always worry about all of the little pieces he’s ingesting. 

A cream shiba inu chews on a dog bone
Photo by Kamrin Baker/Good Good Good

Are they safe for him? Are they safe for the planet once he poops them out? What do I do when I need to dispose of old bones? BetterBone answered all of those questions and soothed those anxieties with just one quick read of its minimal cardboard packaging. 

A hand holds up a chewed-on dog bone
Photo by Kamrin Baker/Good Good Good

While it did make me nervous upon the first few chews that Mirio was going to break or chip a tooth on the hard material, it seems very durable and engaging for him (and his dental hygiene!) without being unsafe. 

Shop: Amazon | The Kind Pet | BetterBone

West Paw Toppl Toy

An orange rubber dog toy
Photo courtesy of West Paw

If TikTok has you trying out all the best enrichment activities for your pooch, there’s a chance you already know about West Paw’s popular Toppl Treat Toy

This is a non-toxic and dishwasher-safe treat dispensing toy that is made with the brand’s durable “Zogoflex” material that can be infinitely recycled through the “Join the Loop” recycling program

That said, the Toppl is marketed as being virtually indestructible, so hopefully your canine companion will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

The toy comes in four different sizes and is perfect for treat recipes that include nut butters, cheese chunks, mashed bananas and sweet potatoes, dog biscuits, and more. Plus, it’s ideal for freezing, so you can entertain your pup even on the hottest summer days.

West Paw is also a certified B corp and supports loads of charitable organizations and community programs.

Our review: West Paw sent me a Toppl Treat Toy to try out with Mirio! I went into this product test eager after seeing other dog accounts post about it on social media, and I left loving how versatile and engaging it is. 

A brown dog nose sniffs a blue toy
Photo by Kamrin Baker/Good Good Good

I filled the toy with a couple of kibbles and healthy snacks like frozen blueberries and broccoli, and topped it off with some dog-safe peanut butter. It was a stimulating toy for Mirio, and I’ve continued to use it as a slow-feeder option for his meal times. 

Depending on how I fill it, the toy keeps him busy and enriched for at least 15 minutes, and I really love knowing it’s made with safe and durable materials. 

A cream shiba inu licks at a blue toy filled with peanut butter
Photo by Kamrin Baker/Good Good Good

The inner area can be difficult to clean, but it definitely doesn’t detract from the benefits, as long as you commit to taking good care of it.

Shop: Amazon | Chewy | West Paw

Earth Rated Fly Toy

A yellow disc toy from Earth Rated
Photo courtesy of Earth Rated

While many of Earth Rated’s dog toys are made of responsibly-sourced natural rubber, the Fly toy (basically a fancy frisbee) is made from thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).

In lay doggie terms, the material is used to ensure that the toy can fly and float while still meeting rigorous durability standards. Fly is also dishwasher- and freezer-safe, and certified just like child-safe toys.

While the Fly toy isn’t as eco-friendly as other toys, Earth Rated’s commitment to sustainability is still impressive. The company is a certified B corp and partners with SNAP Quebec, a nonprofit dedicated to the protection of nature.

Our review: Earth Rated sent team member Megan’s dog, Jemma, a Fly toy.

A white dog with brown ears plays with a yellow disc toy
Photo by Megan Burns/Good Good Good

Megan says: Jemma loves when we get packages, especially when they’re for her! A frisbee is one of Jemma’s favorite outside toys — fetching, sure, but she also loves to chew them. I’ve been worried about the hard plastic hurting her teeth and jaw, so Earth Rated’s option is a perfect fit. 

She got to playing right away, and I was happy to have no concerns about the impact on the toy’s durability or her safety. 

Shop: Amazon | Chewy 

Cotton Rope

A cotton robe next to some leaves
Photo courtesy of The Kind Pet

Make your next round of tug guilt-free with a natural or organic cotton rope! While there are plenty of these on the market, you’ll want to look for ropes that are not dyed and are made with certified natural or organic fibers. 

This means the toy will be safe for your pup’s tugging or flossing fun time, while also being biodegradable and/or compostable!

Shop: Amazon | Chewy | The Kind Pet

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Ball

A dog toy shaped like planet Earth
Photo courtesy of Outward Hound

The Orbee-Tuff Ball from Planet Dog is made from a recyclable, non-toxic, and durable material so your pup can have a blast, whether they’re playing fetch or chewing. 

Made in the U.S. with rubber that is BPA-, lead-, and phthalate-free, this bouncy and buoyant ball is also infused with a natural mint oil to freshen your dog’s breath as they play and chew. 

While the ball is recyclable, it should last a while, and it can be rinsed clean after a muddy romp in the yard. 

Shop: Amazon | Chewy | Outward Hound

Hemp Plush Toys

A variety of dog-bone shaped plush toys
Photo courtesy of The Kind Pet

For the snugglers — or the pups who prefer a softer playtime experience — a plush toy is often the way to go! But so many plushies are made with poly-fill and other chemicals that can be harmful to the long-term health of your pup and the planet.

A hemp plush toy is the perfect alternative. Free of polyesters and poly-filled stuffing, dye — and sometimes — plastic squeakers, hemp toys are manufactured with heavy duty cotton threads and fillings for a safer experience across the board. 

Shop: Chewy | The Kind Pet

Project Hive Pet Company Dog Disc

A yellow disc toy floats in blue water
Photo courtesy of Project Hive Pet Company

Project Hive Pet Company provides safe toys and treats for pets while also protecting bees and creating healthy bee habitats with every purchase. A certified B corp, member of 1% for the Planet, and climate neutral, the brand is dedicated to sustainability at every turn.

The popular Dog Disc is built to last and made with BPA-, latex-, and phthalate-free rubber and is fully recyclable. (If your local municipality doesn’t recycle it, Project Hive Pet Company will!)

Plus, your purchase helps plant wildflowers and restores vital habitats to bees across the world with nonprofit partners The Bee and Butterfly Habitat Fund and the Canadian Honey Council

Shop: Amazon | Chewy | Project Hive Pet Company

Cat Toys

Cardboard Balls

A cardboard ball on a carpet
Photo courtesy of Americat/Amazon

If you’re a cat owner, you likely know that the best toy you could give your furry friend is a cardboard box. This is the next best thing!

Cardboard balls are perfect for cats who love to play ball by swatting, chewing and hunting those tiny spheres around the house. 

A great alternative to a plastic toy, these cardboard balls are easy to recycle or compost when your feline is finished with their fun.

Shop: Amazon | Chewy | The Kind Pet

Wool Toys

Vegetable-shaped wool cat toys
Photo courtesy of The Kind Pet

The cat equivalent of a plush squeaky toy for dogs, wool toys make for great stimulation and play time for your kittens without any plastics or polyesters. 

Made with natural fibers, wool toys are typically rich in lanolin, which is naturally antimicrobial and odor-resistant. Win-win! Make sure you choose a toy that is free of non-toxic dyes, and you and your cat comrade will have endless fun.

Shop: Amazon | Chewy | The Kind Pet

Eco Cat Teaser Toy

A hemp fish toy on a wooden stick
Photo courtesy of Honest Pet/Amazon

Teaser toys, sometimes called “flirt poles,” are made for interactive play that includes both you and your feline friend. Eco-friendly teaser toys will include a wooden stick, toys made with natural fibers like cotton or hemp, and natural catnip to reduce those carbon pawprints.

Shop: Amazon | Chewy 

Pet Beds

Cat Cave

A gray wool cat cave
Photo courtesy of The Kind Pet

Every cat deserves the perfect hideaway. Made with odor-resistant and sustainable wool, a Cat Cave bed is the perfect safe haven that is easily portable and cozy for your little shadow.

Bonus! Since Cat Caves are made with natural fibers, they’re 100% compostable when your kitty wears it out — or inevitably moves on to a basket you were already using.

Our review: The Kind Pet sent team member Megan’s cat, Nixon, the cozy (handmade!) wool Cat Cave

A cat rests in a cat cave
Photo by Megan Burns/Good Good Good

Megan says: Nixon is your pretty typical cat and very much likes to be elusive and find sneaky hiding places around the house, so this is the perfect little hideaway for him! 

He's a bit apprehensive about new things, but we snuck a couple treats inside to encourage him to check it out. The Cat Cave is soft and inviting, so he’ll likely hide away comfortably as soon as we turn our backs.

Shop: Amazon | Chewy | The Kind Pet

Molly Mutt Fillable Pet Bed

A green dog bed with a white chevron design
Photo courtesy of The Kind Pet

Molly Mutt’s pet beds are different from the traditional approach. Instead of a pre-filled bed with a bunch of poly-fill stuffing, Molly Mutt beds are a stuffable, water-resistant cotton canvas cover, which allows you to fill them with any textiles (like old pillows, blankets, or clothes). 

Plus, by using recycled textiles instead of a foam mattress, Molly Mutt stuffable beds produce 85% less CO2 emissions than traditional dog beds!

Shop: Amazon | Chewy | The Kind Pet

West Paw Heyday Dog Bed

West Paw grey dog bed
Photo courtesy of West Paw

The Heyday bed from West Paw is made with recycled IntelliLoft filler made from recycled plastic bottles and is certified by OEKO-TEX for no toxic chemicals or materials.

The bed comes in four colors and four sizes, and it’s easily spot-cleaned or machine-washable. Sounds like the perfect place for a snooze, if you ask us. 

Shop: Amazon | Chewy | West Paw

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Pawstries Cat Treats

Pawstries Purrstries Cat Treats: Chicken
Photo courtesy of The Kind Pet

Pawstries “Purrstries” cat treats are handmade with 100% natural ingredients like salmon, tuna, or chicken, along with catnip, gluten-free flour, and eggs.

They don’t contain any artificial preservatives, chemicals, or hormones, and are packaged in a glass jar that can be easily reused or recycled. 

Our review: The Kind Pet sent Megan’s cat, Nixon, a jar of Purrstries cat treats

A cat snacks on some treats
Photo by Megan Burns/Good Good Good

Megan says: Don't let the photo fool you — when there's no camera around, this boy demolishes these crunchy treats as soon as I put them in front of him. He usually has to share treats with his doggie sister, so I love that these treats are special just for him. 

I’m also excited to reuse the jar for any number of storage options when he’s all done (which may be soon. He really loves them.)

Shop: The Kind Pet | Pawstries

Calvin’s Craft Upcycled Dog Treats

Calvin's Craft dog treats
Photo courtesy of The Kind Pet

Have you ever seen dog treats packaged in an aluminum can? Now you have! Calvin’s Craft makes tasty vegetarian dog treats out of food waste. Uh, what?

Yep! Here’s how it works: After grains are used to make beer, Calvin’s Craft upcycles them with other ingredients and bakes them into wholesome treats for your pups! And, of course, no alcohol remains during this process. 

They don’t contain any fillers or preservatives, and you can easily recycle the can when your canine has had every last crumb.

Shop: The Kind Pet


Three bags of Chippin dog treats
Photo courtesy of Chippin

Have you ever watched your dog eat a bug off of the sidewalk and thought “well, I guess it’s protein?” These treats are for you.

Chippin makes their pup-ortedly delicious snacks from cricketspirulina, and wild-caught silver copi proteins instead of other meats. These proteins have much better environmental qualities, like zero-methane, carbon-absorbing, or population control impacts.

Plus, the treats are packaged in plastic-neutral packaging, so you and your furry friend can give it two paws up.

Shop: Amazon | Chewy | Chippin | Earth Hero

Shameless Pets Upcycled Treats

Shameless Pets Blueberried Treasure dog treats
Photo courtesy of Shameless Pets

Shameless Pets is one of the world’s first pet brands as part of the Upcycled Certified Program

This third-party certification verifies that Shameless Pets treats are made with upcycled nutritious ingredients, like fruits and vegetables, eggshells, lobster, salmon skins, sunflower meal, and more.

Partnering with suppliers across North America, Shameless Pets “rescues” misfit or surplus foods to help combat food waste — and provide delicious and nutritious snacks for your beloved companions. 

Shop: Amazon | Chewy  | Shameless Pets


Zoop Between Bath Spray

Zoop between bath spray
Photo courtesy of Zoop

Zoop’s pet grooming products are all made without harsh chemicals, compounds, solvents, or air pollutants. The brand’s Between Bath Spray helps moisturize coats, soothe sensitive skin, neutralize odors and prevent shedding between your dog’s grooming appointments.

Ingredients include aloe vera, vegetable glycerin, and a natural pomegranate citrus fragrance, among other natural skincare ingredients. 

Our review: Zoop sent me and Mirio a bottle of Between Bath Spray to review for this article.

A cream shiba inu sniffs a bottle of Zoop's Between Bath spray
Photo by Kamrin Baker/Good Good Good

I love how the smell is fresh but not too overpowering, and it’s really easy to apply when Mirio gets that particularly sweaty summer dog smell.

When bathtime is a hassle, it helps so much to know that I can trust a product to keep my dog smelling as handsome as he looks with all natural ingredients. 

Shop: Amazon | Zoop

Earth Rated Grooming Wipes

Earth Rated grooming wipes
Photo courtesy of Earth Rated

Earth Rated’s plant-based dog grooming wipes are manufactured at a facility that uses 100% solar power, are USDA Certified 99% Biobased, hypoallergenic, and dermatologist-tested. 

Made with ingredients that are Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free certified, like aloe vera and Vitamin E, these wipes are free of alcohol and parabens, but full of all the good stuff you need to keep your pup fresh and clean. 

Our review: Earth Rated sent team member Megan’s dog, Jemma, a package of grooming wipes

A white and tan dog gets her paws cleaned with wipes
Photo by Megan Burns/Good Good Good

Megan says: Summers in Florida can be quite rainy, so the wipes have been perfect for giving Jemma’s paws a quick clean before coming inside. I like that they're unscented so there are no harsh smells bothering her sniffer. 

A pack of Earth Rated dog wipes reads "The best bath is no bath."
Photo by Megan Burns/Good Good Good

I also had a laugh-out-loud moment at the message on the dog wipes seal: It was a little too on-the-nose for our girl who absolutely does not like a bath.

Shop: Amazon | Chewy 

Dandylion Paw Cleanser

A hand holding up a bottle of Dandylion Paw Cleanser
Photo courtesy of Dandylion

Dandylion’s paw cleanser is a no-rinse foaming formula that makes cleaning your puppy's paws easy and safe.

With soft silicone bristles that help you reach in between those toe beans, the cleanser itself is made with plant-based ingredients that provide soothing and antimicrobial benefits to irritated, itchy, or dirty paws. 

The bottles are made from PET and are fully recyclable, and the cleanser is free from sulfates, parabens, drying alcohols, artificial fragrances, dyes, and more. 

Our review: Owning a dog with a big personality often means picking my battles — and cleaning his feet is just one of those things that we often neglect. I found Dandylion long before writing this article and am excited to affirm that it is a game-changer for those stinky feet.

A dog's paws rest on carpet next to a bottle of Dandylion paw cleanser
Photo by Kamrin Baker/Good Good Good

The quick pump and clean motion makes it easier to clean Mirio’s feet quickly, and I feel good knowing that he can lick his toes or the bottle without concern for his safety — or the planet’s, for that matter. 

This has especially become a helpful product for itchy seasonal allergies, and I have genuinely recommended it to lots of other dog parent friends! 

Shop: Amazon | Dandylion

Bamboo Pet Toothbrush

A bamboo pet toothbrush
Photo courtesy of The Kind Pet

While most pets aren’t big fans of teeth-brushing to begin with, painful plastic toothbrushes don’t really make the process easier. Bamboo toothbrushes, on the other hand, can make for a more pleasant experience — and are easier to recycle or compost when you’re done using them.

Look for toothbrushes with handles that are made from FSC certified bamboo. 

Shop: Amazon | Chewy | The Kind Pet

Chagrin Valley Paw Balm

A tin of Chagrin Valley's dog paw salve
Photo courtesy of The Kind Pet

It’s only a matter of time (and inclement weather) before your pup has some dry, cracked paw pads. Soothe those raw paws with a natural balm made with organic ingredients, like sunflower oil, mullein, and beeswax.

Chagrin Valley’s Paw Balm also contains anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial properties to help treat minor wounds and insect bites, all while being safe for licking, too.

Shop: Amazon | The Kind Pet

Chagrin Valley Pet Shampoo Bar

Bar of dog shampoo
Photo courtesy of The Kind Pet

Made with organic coconut oil, coconut milk, avocado oil, and sweet almond oil, this pet shampoo bar from Chagrin Valley Pet is the perfect natural solution for bath time.

Unscented and filled with moisturizing oils, this zero-waste shampoo bar makes your pet’s coat silky and soft, all while naturally cleansing your stinky little sidekick. 

Shop: Amazon | The Kind Pet

Bamboo Pet Comb

Bamboo pet comb
Photo courtesy of The Kind Pet

Just like a toothbrush, your pet deserves a fur-care product made responsibly. Bamboo combs are perfect for detangling long, curly, and coarse fur gently and easily, with a supportive and sustainable bamboo base. 

Made with stronger and more reliable materials, as opposed to a cheap, plastic model, a bamboo pet comb will be a longer-lasting grooming go-to perfect for all those tough-to-brush spots. 

Shop: Amazon | Chewy | The Kind Pet


Earth Rated Recycled Poop Bags & Dispenser

Earth Rated poop bag dispenser
Photo courtesy of Earth Rated

Earth Rated uses 65% post-consumer recycled plastic in its dog poop bags, giving a second life to more than 5 million pounds of landfill-pound plastic each year.

Since it can be tricky to compost dog poop bags, sourcing these waste picker-uppers from brands that used recycled materials is a great way to go!

Plus, Earth Rated uses less energy and is less reliant on fossil fuels, since the brand is not creating plastic from scratch, all while contributing to a circular economy in efforts to reduce plastic waste. 

The poop bag dispenser is also lightweight and durable, featuring a click-and-lock closure so you’re not losing bags (or accidentally littering!) on your daily stroll.

Our review: Earth Rated sent me a roll of poop bags and a dispenser to test out, and I am not full of crap when I say that this might be my new favorite pet product. 

A used Earth Rated poop bag hangs from the dispenser
Photo by Kamrin Baker/Good Good Good

I love how thoughtfully the dispenser is designed and how easy it is to clip onto different leashes. It also has a hook on the back for hands-free doo-doo duty, so you can keep the stink at a distance when there isn’t a trash can in sight. 

A cream shiba inu sits in the grass as his owner holds up a poop bag dispenser
Photo by Kamrin Baker/Good Good Good

I also can tell how high-quality the bags themselves are, and although I have enjoyed biodegradable bags made from natural materials in the past, these are also a solid option if you’re looking for waste bags made of recycled plastics. 

Shop: Amazon | Chewy

Pooch Paper

Pooch Paper
Photo courtesy of The Kind Pet

Pooch Paper makes individual sheets of recycled, non-chlorine bleached paper that are a great alternative to single-use plastic bags.

They’re 100% biodegradable and compostable and manufactured using renewable energy. All you have to do is use the paper to pick up your pup’s waste, fold the sides together, and twist them closed. Then, toss them in your pet waste-approved compost, or allow them to biodegrade in the trash. 

Important note: Always verify with your city about rules for composting pet waste and learn how to properly compost waste at home.

Shop: Amazon | Chewy | The Kind Pet 

Cycle Dog Biodegradable Poop Bags

Rolls of green Cycle Dog poo bags
Photo courtesy of The Kind Pet

Cycle Dog’s oxo-biodegradable poop bags are the perfect alternative to those who don’t have access to composting pet waste. 

Made with upcycled corn and plant starches, you’ll be good to just toss these bad boys in the trash when you’re done, and they’ll biodegrade on their own. 

Shop: The Kind Pet

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Tuft & Paw’s Really Great Cat Litter

A bag of Tuft & Paw's "Really Great Cat Litter"
Photo courtesy of Tuft & Paw

Tuft & Paw’s cat litter is the real deal. The dust-free litter is made with just five ingredients: soybean fiber, corn starch, corn flour, guar gum, and charcoal. 

It disintegrates completely in water, making it safe to flush down the toilet or compost, as long as you adhere to local regulations. How’s that for potty training?!

It also helps prevent food waste, since Tuft & Paw primarily uses soybean fiber, which is a byproduct of the soy industry that would otherwise go to a landfill. Instead, the brand repurposes it into absorbent cat litter that makes for easier cleanup for you and your kitty.

Shop: Tuft & Paw

Walking Gear

Hoadin Cork Leash & Harness

A cork dog harness
Photo courtesy of The Kind Pet

Hoadin is an acronym for Help Out A Dog In Need. Not only does the brand support nonprofit partners helping dogs in need, but it creates sustainable products you and your pup will love. 

The brand’s cork walking accessories are made without plastic fasteners or nylon webbing and feature quick-release, durable aluminum buckles, and of course, water-resistant cork that is easy to clean and totally vegan and cruelty-free.

Our review: The Kind Pet sent my pup, Mirio, a cork leash and harness set to try out. I always get nervous when trying out new walking items for him, because he’s a total escape artist and needs to be secure and easy to handle. 

A tan cork harness on a cream dog
Photo by Kamrin Baker/Good Good Good

Lucky for us, this harness is a great fit. I love how tough and durable it feels, while also being soft and smooth. The natural color compliments his fur, he looks as stylish as ever, and I get to know that we’re using something that wasn’t made with plastics or polyesters. 

A cream shiba inu sits in the grass
Photo by Kamrin Baker/Good Good Good

The leash is a little shorter than I’d like for our long daily walks, but it’s perfect for shorter outings, or times when I need to keep Mirio close by. 

Shop: The Kind Pet | Hoadin

Awoo Walk Set

6 dog leashes in different colors
Photo courtesy of Awoo

Awoo makes dog walking essentials with 100% GRS-certified recycled polyester. This is done through a process that turns post-consumer plastics into soft, durable yarns, and the average Awoo purchase helps repurpose the equivalent of five plastic bottles.

Awoo also manufactures its products in factories in China and Taiwan that prioritize worker safety, fair wages, and product quality.

Plus, when you’re done with your walking gear, you can even send it back to the brand to be repaired, recycled, or included in its upcycling program.

Our review: Awoo sent team member Branden a Walk Set for his dog, Poptart. 

A white fluffy dog wears a coral harness and leash
Photo by Branden Harvey/Good Good Good

Branden says: We've been in the market for a new harness and I'd already wanted to try out the Infinity Dog Leash

The Huggie Harness is super functional and can be fitted two different ways — which makes it really easy for me (or dog-sitters!) to put on her.

The Infinity Leash is amazing (learn more about all the ways you can use it!) but my only complaint is that — for those who are taller, plus-size, or just have a short dog (like me, with all three!) — the 7-foot leash isn't quite long enough to wear as a hands-free leash. 

A white dog walks next to her owner, wearing a coral leash
Branden's partner walks Poptart with the Awoo infinity leash. Photo by Branden Harvey/Good Good Good

No matter who you are, definitely skip the 5-foot leash and go for the 7-foot option — and keep in mind that it may still be too short to wear around your waist or cross-body on your walks.

That said, everything from Awoo feels incredibly high-quality, visually gorgeous (I love every colorway), and I imagine Poptart will have these items the rest of her life.

Shop: Awoo | Chewy | Earth Hero

Cycle Dog Upcycled Leash & Collar

A leash from Cycle Dog
Photo courtesy of The Kind Pet

Cycle Dog makes its collars, leashes, and toys with upcycled bicycle inner tubes. By using materials from bike tubes that would otherwise be thrown into landfills every year, Cycle Dog has reclaimed hundreds of thousands of discarded inner tube rubber since 2009. 

The best part? The recycled rubber is durable and waterproof — and prevents about 1,000 times less bacterial growth compared to standard nylon collars and leashes. 

Shop: Amazon | The Kind Pet 

The Good Dog Company Hemp Corduroy Collar

A stack of four dog collars in various colors
Photo courtesy of The Good Dog Company

Every dog needs a reliable collar. The Good Dog makes collars with certified organic cotton and super-soft hemp, which helps keep your pup’s accessories odor-free.

Hemp and organic cotton crops require less water and energy, making them a sustainable option that is easy to use, clean, and enjoy every day. Plus, hemp is hypoallergenic, so it’s great for those sensitive doggies, too!

Shop: Amazon | Earth Hero

Pettsie Cat Collar

A matching cat collar and human bracelet
Photo courtesy of Pettsie

The perfect accessory for both you and your cat, Pettsie’s matching cat collar sets are as stylish as they are sustainable. Made with durable hemp and 100% cotton canvas, these friendship collars/bracelets are lightweight and comfortable for years of use.

Collars also have a breakaway feature, enabling a safe escape for cats that might get stuck in any number of sticky situations. 

Shop: Amazon | Chewy

Springer Travel Water Bottle

A fluffy black and white dog drinks from a purple water bottle
Photo courtesy of Springer

The solution for keeping your dog hydrated on the go without a flimsy plastic water bottle? Springer’s travel bottle. Designed with an attached bowl, you simply squeeze the bottle to fill up the bowl with water and release a built-in drain to retain the excess water.

Leak-free and made with food-safe and BPA-free polypropylene plastic, the bottle also has an aluminum carabiner for easy travel. Springer is also a member of 1% For The Planet, so 1% of the brand’s annual sales go back to environmental causes. 

Shop: Amazon | Chewy | Springer 

Apparel & Accessories

Natural Cotton Bandana

A grey and white dog bandana sits on a wooden stump
Photo courtesy of The Kind Pet

In a world where a dog can wear almost anything these days, a classic natural cotton dog bandana is still the best way to go.

Sustainably handmade, and often by small designers across the U.S, natural cotton bandanas utilize water-based inks and dyes for low-waste impacts. Lots of times, these skilled craftspeople will also use recycled materials, too.

Shop: The Kind Pet

Canada Pooch Eco-Parka

A pomeranian wears a Canada Pooch coat
Photo courtesy of Canda Pooch

Canada Pooch’s Eco-Parka is the perfect coat for a chilly winter day. With a water-resistant exterior, thick insulation, and fleece lining, your pup will stay warm on even the coldest adventures.

Oh, and did we mention it’s made from 100% recycled fabrics? This extra-warm outerwear option makes for a great eco-friendly selection that will keep your pup cozy all winter long. 

Shop: Canada Pooch | Chewy

House Dogge Hoodie

Three dog hoodies in peach, yellow, and mint
Photo courtesy of House Dogge

Nothing says comfort and warmth quite like a favorite sweatshirt. So, of course your dog deserves the same. 

The House Dogge Hoodie is made with chemical-free, breathable, all-natural cotton fibers, and includes wool lettering that is OEKO-TEX-certified, anti-microbial, and biodegradable. 

House Dogge only makes its goods in small batches, so as not to over-produce, and uses recycled, upcycled, or biodegradable materials in its packaging. 

Shop: Free People | House Dogge

Home Goods

Americat Stainless Steel Bowls

Two stainless steel bowls
Photo courtesy of The Kind Pet

Did you know that plastic and ceramic pet food bowls usually harbor hidden bacteria? Stainless steel bowls are simply the way to go!

These bowls from Americat are free from lead and radioactive metals, and are considered non-toxic, and human-grade. They’re also dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning, and can be recycled at the end of their life cycle. 

Shop: Amazon | The Kind Pet

West Paw Recycled No-Slip Bowl

Blue dog bowl
Photo courtesy of West Paw

West Paw’s No-Slip Bowl is made with Seaflex — or, recycled ocean-bound plastic — and Zogoflex, a zero-waste, recyclable plastic that can be used again and again in West Paw products.

The bowl is top-rack dishwasher-safe, BPA and latex-free, FDA compliant, and recyclable through the brand’s Join The Loop recycling program

Shop: Amazon | West Paw

Beco Pets Bamboo Dog Bowl

A stack of four bamboo bowls
Photo courtesy of Beco Pets

The Bamboo Dog Bowl from Beco Pets is made from a blend of renewable bamboo and rice husk.

BPA-free and stylish, the plant-based bowl is the perfect addition to any kitchen, and is also dishwasher-safe and easy to clean.

Beco Pets has also won the Ethical Award from the Ethical Company Organization, recognizing the brand for its outstanding ethical and corporate social responsibility. 

Shop: Amazon | Earth Hero

Americat Feeding Mat

A cat eats from a bowl on top of a blue mat
Photo courtesy of The Kind Pet

Our pets really can chow down like it’s their job (and it kind of is). This feeding mat from Americat is the perfect placement to catch all the spills and food at your dog or cat’s feeding station.

Made with 50% post-consumer recycled materials and BPA- and phthalate-free plastic fibers, this mat is washable, waterproof, and eco-friendly, so you can protect your floors — and the earth — with ease.

Shop: Amazon | The Kind Pet

Mau Cat Tree

A cat tree with two baskets
Photo courtesy of Mau Pets

Mau Pets makes modern and sustainable cat furniture made with real tree branches, sustainably sourced from trees that no longer bear fruit. 

Including woven baskets and pom-poms, you can replace or interchange pieces of the cat tree directly through Mau’s website, without having to get a whole new piece of furniture after standard wear and tear.

Plus, Mau plants a tree for every purchase and donates 5% of its revenue to animal welfare and environmental conservation organizations. 

Shop: Amazon | Chewy | Mau Pets

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