You Can Support the LGBTQ+ Community Just By Opening a New Tab

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Add Tab for a Cause to Chrome: Support the LGBTQ+ community every day Every tab opened raises money for nonprofit organizations working toward supporting the LGBTQ+ community and providing gender-affirming care.

Most of us have probably found ourselves in the same boat these days: We’re angry or overwhelmed by the hatred and injustices in the world, but we feel stuck in those feelings and unsure of the best way to help.

We’ll let you in on a little secret that might set you free: There is no real best way to help. There are so many ways to help. 

There are ways to help that are really hands-on and time-consuming; ways to help that are quick and within more people’s capacity; ways to help that are unique and creative; ways to help individuals; ways to help big communities of people — and they all make a difference.

No matter what time, energy, money, or wisdom you can contribute, as long as you’re doing what you can with what you have, your community will be better because of it.

However, we know it helps to have a guidepost to find some of those helping actions — and we also know that it’s easy to start small.

Stop wasting tabs, start changing the world Little actions can have big results. With Tab for LGBTQ+, you can support charities uplifting the LGBTQ+ community just by opening more browser tabs.    Protection and empowerment of the LGBTQ+ community   Gender-affirming care for those who wouldn't otherwise have it   A better, more equitable planet
Graphic via Tab for LGBTQ+

Tab for a Cause, a browser extension that raises money for nonprofits every time you open a new tab, is one of those small but effective ways to do a little good. 

And now you can do even more good.

Tab for a Cause has just announced Tab for LGBTQ+, a specific version of the extension that raises funds for Point of Pride and Outright International with every new tab you open. 

How does Tab for LGTBQ+ work? 

Add Tab for a Cause to Chrome: Support the LGBTQ+ community every day Every tab opened raises money for nonprofit organizations working toward supporting the LGBTQ+ community and providing gender-affirming care.
Graphic via Tab for LGBTQ+

Using Tab for LGBTQ+ is simple. All you have to do is hop onto your preferred browser — Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari — and install the extension

From there, you just keep opening those tabs like you normally would, except, now, you’ll be raising funds for LGBTQ+ charities.

If you’re anything like us scatterbrained remote workers, you probably open a lot of tabs on any given day, week, or month — and those clicks can add up. Tab for a Cause makes them count.

Support the LGBTQ+ community every day By opening browser tabs, you can support and uplift the LGBTQ+ community.    Open new tabs on your browser.   Earn money for charities.   Help support the LGBTQ+ community and provide gender-affirming care.
Graphic via Tab for LGBTQ+

“We believe everyone should make a difference for the LGBTQ+ community,” the initiative’s website reads. “Through our support of Point of Pride and Outright International, you can be sure each tab you open is uplifting community members.”

Since 2011, Tab for a Cause users have raised over $1.6 million for various charities, and the revenue for those donations simply come from advertisers. 

We dive into the specifics in our full Tab for a Cause review, but for some context, each new tab raises between 1/10th of a cent and 1 cent for nonprofits.

A piggy bank in a rainbow hat - $1,607,163.62 raised for charity
Graphic via Tab for LGBTQ+

This number fluctuates throughout the year, and while a penny per tab might feel small, Tab for a Cause estimates that users open 10-20 million tabs per month. 

With Tab for LGBTQ+ (similar to other specific initiatives like Tab for Black Equity or Tab for Cats, which donate to racial justice and animal welfare causes), those funds will go directly into organizations that help provide gender-affirming care for people across the country.

Tab for LGBTQ+ is now a permanent addition to Tab for a Cause, so you can spend the rest of your very online days doing a little extra good. 

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