Taylor Swift made a secret donation to a Liverpool food bank during historic Eras Tour stop

Two photos. On the left, Taylor Swift sings on stage in a navy blue, rhinestoned leotard. On the right, a birds-eye-view of the city of Liverpool

Taylor Swift is having the opposite of a “Cruel Summer” during her Eras Tour stops in the UK this month.

Coming off of three shows at Liverpool’s Anfield Stadium — where the pop star celebrated the 100th show of the tour and claims her fans broke attendance records at the venue — a local nonprofit shared some even more exciting news.

Taylor Swift sings on stage in a navy blue, rhinestoned leotard
Photo courtesy of Ronald Woan (CC BY-SA 2.0)

“We're SO excited that Taylor Swift has donated to us after three incredible shows,” St. Andrews Community Network posted on X Friday morning.

“While we hope for the day ‘Everything Has Changed’ and our support is not needed, donations like Taylor's make a difference. Thank you for leaving your legacy!”

St. Andrews Community Network is a Liverpool-based nonprofit that provides resources to churches and community groups serving community members facing poverty. 

By providing food security and financial resilience to those in need, the group aims to build sustainable communities throughout Liverpool. The network operates 11 food banks and eight community food pantries in the city.

Swift herself did not announce the donation, and it has not been revealed how much the star gave, but representatives of St. Andrews said it will have a “massive” impact.

Three volunteers stand next to a stack of green food crates at a food bank in Liverpool
St. Andrews volunteers. Photo courtesy of St. Andrews Community Network

Charlotte, a fundraiser for the network, told ECHO News: “We can’t thank Taylor enough.”

“So many people are struggling at the moment and need for all our services has sadly increased over the last few years, so to have someone like Taylor supporting our endeavors and choosing to help people in crisis in Liverpool means so much and will make a massive difference,” Charlotte continued.

This is far from the first time the “Tortured Poets Department” singer has quietly donated funds during her time on the road.

A stack of canned food, including baked beans and sausages
Photo courtesy of St. Andrews Community Network

Earlier this month, she did the same for the Edinburgh Food Project, and in 2023, the singer made headlines for her generous donations to food banks in North America.

As she gears up for her next streak of performances across the pond in London and Dublin, estimates suggest that her stops in the UK’s capital alone will boost the London economy by £300 million.

Swift’s financial impact and ongoing generosity is surely worth celebrating, though it seems she’s only getting started.

“I can’t believe the work ethic, creativity and dedication I get to be surrounded with every day,” the singer wrote in an Instagram post, celebrating the 100th show of the tour.

“And thank you to everyone who has come to any of the shows on The Eras Tour. It’s been the adventure of a lifetime because of you.”

While Swift continues on to Wembley Stadium this weekend, St. Andrews seems to continue to bask in the gratitude of her gift.

“We’re unbelievably grateful to Taylor for her kindness and generosity,” the organization wrote in another post on X.

“What an incredible performer and person she is.”

Header images courtesy of Ronald Woan (CC BY-SA 2.0) and Mike Bird (Pexels)

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